Da Brat Hits Back At J.Lo On Mariah’s ‘Loverboy’ Remix

Contributed Anonymously: When Da Brat raps on Mariah Carey’s ‘Loverboy Remix’ – the first track off of ‘Glitter’ – she actually raps to the tune of ‘Firecracker’, the sample that stole from Mariah. The lyrics also seem to be aimed at J.Lo:

“Hate on me as much as you want to

You can’t do what the fu** I do

Bit**es be emulating me daily

Hate on me as much as you want to

You can’t be who the fu** I be

Bit**es be imitating me lately”

Films New Video In New York Tuesday

April 17, 2002 – The New York Post reports was in New York on Tuesday to film her video ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright,’ which featured rapper Nas and included a stickball scene on East 124th Street. Afterwards, she and Nas (never mind the paper called him ‘Naz’) mingled with fans and signed autographs.

Jennifer Lopez Thinks She’s Captured Momma’s Cooking

April 16, 2002 – Jennifer Lopez spoke with Access Hollywood from the opening of her new Latin-themed restaurant, Madre’s, where she explained the decision behind the name – which is Spanish for ‘Mother’s’. J.Lo said, “I named it Madre’s because I wanted it to feel like your mom’s house, where you get good cooking and you can come and relax. I think we captured that.”

Restaurant Is Jennifer Lopez’s First Real Solo Project

April 15, 2002 – Hello! magazine spoke with Jennifer Lopez outside the opening of her new restaurant Madre’s, her Latin-themed Pasadena, California, eatery on Friday. J.Lo said of the new role that has her as restaurateur, “This is my first kind of solo project without help from anybody around me. It was my own idea and my own thing I wanted to do. And I’m really, really emotional and excited right now. This is a big night for me.” The article at hello-magazine.co.uk has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Da Brat Hits Back At J.Lo On Mariah’s ‘Loverboy’ Remix

  1. mcfan says:

    Yeah and rightly so! J.Lo sucks, she can’t even write her own songs, how can anyone compare her to Mariah??? She just doesn’t know Mariah will not go down to this level of shame and steal other singers’ songs. That’s why her songs become national anthems like Hero. And notice how J.Lo hits #1 only with Ja Rule. Oh, and she has the debut single, “If You Had My Love” which she stole from Chante Moore’s “If I Gave You Love”. You just have to hear this song and you will immediately see what I mean.

  2. Mcfanatic says:

    Da Brat simply points out that J-Ho is a low-life Thief who tries to imitate Mariah!

    Sorry J-HO you are a talentless thief and the only talent you have is to shake that fat ass!

    Mariah Rules!

  3. MCFan4Evr says:

    I did not she did the same thing to Chante Moore…my lord!

    How low can JLO go??? Did she not think any of this would come out eventually?

    JLO….stick to what you know how to do….acting like you know what you are doing!

  4. MR-DRIFTER says:

    J-lo’s only talent is not that fat, may i also say, nice fat ass. she is also a very talented actress and a very talented singer. she does not sing as good as Mariah Carey but actress wise and look wise, Jennifer blows Mariah away any day!

  5. MerryA69 says:

    Very talented actress is a bit of a stretch. She is better than she is singer…that is for sure. She does her dancing best. She should be ashamed of herself for being a part of the theft with Mariah. J.Lo should just quit putting out records and do us all a favor!

  6. Mcfanatic says:

    Listen pal we already established that J-Ho is NOT real!!! and nothing more then a talentless thief! so i suggest YOU keep it real and open your eyes! J-Low is about a billion levels lower then Mariah and she can have 10 life times and still won’t achieve 1/10 of what Mariah did in the last 12 years!

    Mariah Rules!

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