Daft Punk Inspired Adam Lambert’s New Album ‘Trespassing’

Adam Lambert suit

Andpop sat down with recently, and asked the ‘American Idol’ album about rumors saying he was to perform with Queen at the Olympics this summer in London. “I’m not allowed to perform at the Olympics, because I’m not a British citizen,” Adam said.

He also talked about writing the ‘Trespassing’ track ‘Cuckoo’ with Bonnie McKee, which is about partying to the point of insanity, and how the new album has a lot of Daft Punk influence. “That’s the kind of music I listen to,” Adam said. “I listen to a lot of electronic music. I listen to dance music, moreso right now than I listen to rock music. I love rock classics, because those songs for me are vocally challenging, and they have range and power, but contemporary music that I listen to is more like the pop, dance electronic stuff. Now I have the great honor of trying to put my crazy rock star vocals on that type of music.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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