Daisy Dares You: I Don’t Hate Grime And Chipmunk

Daisy Dares You 'Number One Enemy' single cover

Daisy Dares You (Daisy Coburn) updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@daisydaresyoumusic) on Wednesday (January 27), talking about doing promo for her new single ‘Number One Enemy’. The teen pop artist writes:

Afternoon troops. Holiday bin was dreadful last night, apparently a rare steak is the most cooked thing you’ve ever seen in life. Can’t understand the Scottish accent at all and so cold, but cool though! Making my way to another radio station to talk about the same thing again – bring me something new interviewers! Playing a gig tonight and can’t wait to be back on stage with the band, we are raring to go. Looking forward to flying back to Essex and getting my lovely Bertie blue looked at. laters. d

In a later posting, Daisy pushed back against a report regarding her partner on the ‘Number One Enemy’ track, writing:

Just been online and read a site saying I hate grime and Chipmunk. I wanted to say I was definitely misquoted and never said I hate grime or Chip. Chip and I know each other well enough for him to know my music tastes are broad. If I didn’t like or appreciate grime, why would I collaborate with him?? What the fu** do people think they are doing? I’m so angry that has been said. We are going on tour together, I think Chips great and I love what he’s done to my track. Sorry if this misquote has offended anyone. All musics good music. D.

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One thought on “Daisy Dares You: I Don’t Hate Grime And Chipmunk

  1. E=MC2 says:

    “All musics good music” She can go and suck her mum. Stupid cow. I’m not even going to up the linguistic levels, I’ll keep it nice and simple. Chipmunk is a terrible MC [he’s not even an MC, by name perhaps, but going by his lyrical content and the quality of songs he produces, I’d struggle to mutter the word ‘musician’ before and after his name, and what a riciculous name it is as well might I add. He has an awful flow, a failed attempt at copying certain American artists such as Lil’ Wayne and Kanywe West [who as it happens aren’t exactly great either to say the least i.m.o.] He thinks he has swagger when he raps. He doesn’t. He sounds like a retard and I don’t know about you, but if you actually listen to the words in songs then you’d have noticed some of the stupid contradictions he makes when he opens his gob. He’s a total fruitcake. How anyone can see any good in him as an artist is mind-boggling. He talks about nothing worthwhile. He typifies a culture which is in itself a key reason why teenagers are so lost in the contemporary age as can be argued, and he typifies a culture that does not help other Grime artists to progress and better themselves as individuals, but rather keeps them in a place where I can guarantee they don’t want to be. It’s a vicious cycle. This guy’s an idiot. His cockyness is limitless and for what? He has no merit at all. He’s a complete sell-out. He doesn’t even make Grime music, yet he has the nerve to label himself as a UK Rap/Grime artist. Chipmunk can stuff his populist commercial tripe up his arse until he screams “chip diddy chip”. We need a Grime Minister. Wiley isn’t that anymore. Chipmunk was and never will be that.

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