Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. ‘War Zone’

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. of Detroit

have set a release for their sophomore LP, ‘The Speed of Things’, which will drop next month. Before the release, the Detroit Duo have just released a brand new track entitled ‘War Zone’. The song closes out the upcoming album and Josh Epstein had this to say about the inspiration behind the track

‘War Zone was’ the last song written for ‘The Speed Of Things’ and is about a character who wakes up (or is dreaming of being?) in a warring region. It is unclear whether this “war” is a literal image, or more of a metaphor for the disconnectedness that the narrator is suffering from. ‘The Speed Of Things’ focuses on a current phenomenon that author Douglas Rushkoff has coined ‘Present Shock.’

Listen to ‘War Zone’ via Soundcloud below.

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