Dallas Austin On Christina Aguilera & Joss Stone’s Sexploits

In an interview with Rowdy.tv, producer Dallas Austin spoke about how Joss Stone has been having sex with some of the hottest producers for hot tracks including her collaborator Raphael Saadiq, who worked on ‘Introducing Joss Stone’. He also revealed how his former assistant Jordan Bratman was one of several men working around him that was having sex with while she was “dating” him, and how Bratman apparently nicknamed the pop star “Crazy” during that time. Austin may have been compelled to talk about this after being told by Clive Davis’ people that Aguilera had requested that he not be allowed to attend Clive’s annual pre-Grammy party. Austin did have good things to say about Ciara, though. The clips at SOHH.com have since been removed.

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