Dallas DJ Blasts Avril Lavigne And Her People

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne

Billy The Kidd of 106.1 KISS FM in Dallas checked in with a blog on his Myspace, since removed, commenting on a radio event last weekend.

“First off I gotta thank everyone who came to Kiss Party on Friday,” he writes. “Thank you to Rihanna, who is the sweetest girl alive, I LOVE her. Injured and all she DID NOT cancel the show so thank you to Rihanna! Also, big thanks to Joel and Benji and the guys of Good Charlotte, Baby Bash, Paula Deanda and The Rocket Summer… good people. NOW – I would thank Avril Lavigne, but I cant sit here and lie nor am I fake to say I like her. I heard she put on a good show but I didn’t even want to watch. Now, I have interviewed everyone from Metallica to and have never had any ‘issues’ … but every time I have had to deal with Avril its a PAIN IN THE ASS! From the fact that she didn’t want to ‘sit in the room and wait to go on the air’ to her people trying to clear the hallways so she could get through. Are you kidding me!??? Get over yourself! Don’t flatter yourself, I didn’t WANT to interview you!!! Sorry, I had to vent, because I thought it was BS how her and her ‘people’ acted. So, I guess I am a fan of some of her songs, but NOT a fan of Avril. She needs to get checked.”

Molly Meldrum Talks With

August 1, 2007 – sat down with Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ music correspondent Molly Meldrum about how she got into music, winning a competition to sing with Shania Twain, the success of ‘Girlfriend’ and how she came up with the song, the new single ‘When You’re Gone’, liking to be busy, and how everything is surreal to her. Video at YouTube has since been removed.

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