Dan Talevski Finishes Up Tour With The Backstreet Boys

Pop singer Dan Talevski

updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Saturday (August 21) after wrapping up his stint opening for the Backstreet Boys and returning to Los Angeles to work on new material. The pop singer writes:

Dan here… just finished the Backstreet Boys “This Is Us” tour! It was an incredible experience! I had never performed on a stage in my life until this tour and my first audience was 10,000 people! I’m so happy that I got to share 4 new songs with all of you! I performed “Bigger Than That”, “Can’t Look Away”, “Nothing But Time”, & “Do It Again” Feat. will.i.am & Soulja Boy

Listen to a snippet of ‘Do It Again’ below.

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9 thoughts on “Dan Talevski Finishes Up Tour With The Backstreet Boys

  1. Lisa says:

    Yeah, Dan Talevski sucked. He’s voice was horrible and I honestly thought it was a joke. So amateurish. I couldn’t wait for him to get off the stage so I could watch the Backstreet Boys in concert. I hate when no names open for big names. It’s pathetic. Guess it’s a good time to wait in line for a beer.

  2. Jamie says:

    I agree with Lisa…we need to stop looking to YouTube for singers. I liked Dan when he was doing videos for YouTube but that’s about as far as it went. He can’t dance his nostrils are ridiculously huge and he sings with lisp and honest sounds like a homosexual. He may have one hit on the radio because of will I am but people aren’t gonna like him besides 12 year old girls and he’s 23 and seems like a total douche.

  3. Dan says:

    I am a homosexual. That’s why I sound like one. 4 years today with my boyfriend Zack. Lisa I am an amateur. Jamie. I can’t help my nostrils sizes. Keep an eye out for my debut single “do it again” produced by will.I.am from the Black Eyed Peas and features souljaboy tell em. To hear a sneak peak check out my website dantalevskimusic. Thank you. -danjt87

  4. Karen says:

    I went to the BSB concert in Toronto and this guy Dan Talevski came on. He sounded like he was screaming and it was obvious why he had two back up dancers because he couldn’t dance though he was trying. He looked like he was lip syncing at times and nobody around me was paying him any attention.

    I think his family and friends were right near us because they had these cheesy t-shirts on and were screaming his name.

    I never heard of this guy before so I did some searching on the net and found out that he has never done anything but sing other artist’s songs or mimic them. He really can’t sing. It’s no wonder that his song Do It Again is a copy from Take My Breath Away. It’s the only way anyone will give it a listen.

    This guy sucks and I wouldn’t waste your money going to see him or buying his music. He will probably just be a one hit wonder, if that!

    He looks nothing like he does in his pics on his website. He is actually quite ugly like the poster’s say above! He does sound gay when he talks.

    Dan Talevski sucks!

  5. Dan says:

    Don’t hate. You’re just jealous.

  6. Liza says:

    Who owns this site anyway? I posted something about this joke of singer and it never got posted. If you don’t want people to be able to voice their opinion, don’t have a site. Not everyone is going to like Dan Talevski.

    He sucks, can’t dance, can’t sing and will probably fade away not soon after his poser song comes out.

    In his YouTube videos he looks like he is malnourished and now he looks like a thanksgiving turkey all fattened up!

    If the owners of this site don’t take this down… save your money, Dan Talevski (what kind of last name is that anyway) sucks big time!

  7. popdirt says:

    posting multiple times using different names with the same IP generally isn’t behavior that is viewed favorably with moderated blogs

  8. Liza says:

    It’s a community computer

  9. S2DIO137 says:

    Liza, why so harsh? Dan is a great singer, maybe not to your taste, but I like him a lot and am happy for him with what he’s been able to accomplish. Maybe if you set a goal for yourself that was productive instead of spending your time telling the world what you hate, you might actually have some success yourself.

    Dan, long time fan, good for you for standing up for yourself.

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