Dancers On Madonna’s Tour Complain

Madonna 'Who's That Girl'

Friends of the dancers on Madonna’s ‘re-Invention’ tour report to The New York Daily News that they earn surprisingly little – mostly under $1,000 per concert – compared to the $2 million per show that that the Material Girl earns. The dancers aren’t unionized, and almost all of them leapt at the opportunity to tour with the diva. But after all the strenuous work they’ve done, sources tell us that some are grumbling that they deserve more money. “I know they’re not getting paid that much, considering how much they’re working,” one friend revealed.

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4 thoughts on “Dancers On Madonna’s Tour Complain

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    First of all this came from none other then the SUN….They are all more then happy making a grand each night for 6 hours of work a day. Wouldn’t you be? She has also invited them to cookouts at her New York and LA pads….Not to mention buying them each zodiac diamond necklace’ which were another grand each. To the comment of her needing them because her voice…She is not only the best dancer of any hip hop/pop act .but her voice has never sounded better with a great range…not to mention she can play the guitar very well…how many other pop/hiphop artists can you say that about? yeah that’s right.

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    A grand a night to dance for a legend on tour is fine by me. There are perks in that business, you know, not to mention that dancing for her tour will open other doors for the dancers later on. So what if she gets 2mil a show? She deserves it. I think the dancers are appropriately paid. Where can they earn more? Nowhere, unless they become big names too. If she does say 100 dates on her tour, each dancer earns 100,000. Not bad, I say.

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    A grand a night is nothing for the work they have to put in. Dancing night after’, ‘night can be pretty exhausting. Not only that but they have to be away from their families, and have to be subjected to Madonna’s ways. Oh, and as to your comment that she’s the best dancer of any hip hop/pop act, here’s a list of a few that are way better than her. 1. Usher 2. Justin Timerlake 3. Janet Jackson 4. Jennifer Lopez 5. Pink 6. Mya

  4. weebongo says:

    The dancers have to be happy with what they’re making. Their will be 50 something shows in all therefore each dancer will take home over $50,000 for a few months of touring. The dancers aren’t in every song. There are many songs that have no dancers and some where it’s just Madonna on stage alone. The dancers will probably also receive money on the back end when the concert airs live on TV and comes out on DVD. When Madonna’s spokeswoman said the dancers are very happy she’s doubtfully lying.

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