Daniel Bedingfield Fumes About O2 On Twitter & Gets A Response

turned to his Twitter followers (@DanielBedingfld) to become a consumer activist, angry with UK mobile phone provider O2. The 31-year-old singer writes:

I don’t think that I have ever come across a company as bad as @o2 Never been exposed to such VINDICTIVE customer service in my life.

Seriously. Bought unlocked iPhone 4 from @o2 and took it to the US. I Didn’t work.

So I can’t use my UNLOCKED iPhone 4 from @o2 because they can’t (or refuse) to unlock it unless I catch a plane back to the UK to do it.

The move resulted in a response from O2’s Twitter (@O2):

@DanielBedingfld Sorry to hear you had a problem – what’s gone wrong?

@DanielBedingfld Sorry to hear everything that’s happened – if you follow us we’ll DM you some info on what to do next

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