Daniel Powter Blogs After Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards

checked in from Taiwan on his blog at MySpace on Monday (July 7). The Canadian singer songwriter tells fans, “My trip was amazing! I played the Golden Melody Awards which is sort of SE Asia’s version of the Grammy’s. It was surreal and strange. I had no idea what was happening and felt as though I was in a pinball machine. The characters and the clothing and artists were not of this world but I loved the experience. Everything is very regimented from what you say to how long you play. Oh me…. you know I’m going to do something that was not scripted, so I gave a Chinese artist a kiss on the cheek in front of millions of people. The label told me not to do it so of course I did it anyway… Big Deal. I gotta be me right. I love Taiwan… the people were so gracious and kind to me. I will be back early next year to tour through Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and China. It should be as amazing as it always is.”

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