Dannii Minogue Squashes Justin Timberlake Rumors

stopped by Radio 1 on Tuesday to clear up reports that she had a romance with *NSYNC star . “The only thing that happened between me and Justin Timberlake is that I had dinner with him – and my sister,” she said. “Had a wicked night running round with Kylie and then we all went to party at the Sanderson, and then I caught a ride home in his car… but I didn’t go into his hotel room at all. I fancy Justin in like… when he’s singing – I love it when he’s doing his dancing thing. But when I was just chatting to him I was just like ‘It’s just Justin’. I mean, you would… it was the best one night stand I never had!”

Model Claims Justin Timberlake ‘Clearly Lacks Bottle’

March 3, 2003 – The Daily Star reports Justin is not the ladies man he claims to be, according to a 22-year-old ‘leggy model’ who caught his eye in a London nightspot. The singer was too shy to act on his desires and fled to the toilet. “I felt sorry for Justin because he clearly lacks bottle [guts],” said the model.

Amerie Enjoyed Seeing Mariah & Justin

March 3, 2003 – Amerie tells the Associated Press she has some fond memories of Saturday’s Soul Train Music Awards, keeping her eye out for some of the bigger stars she wanted to see such as Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake. “I really enjoyed seeing Mariah Carey; she’s an inspiration to me,” Amerie said. “It was also a lot of fun watching Justin do his performance.”

Timberlake Previews Tour With Aguilera

March 3, 2003 – Rolling Stone magazine asked Justin Timberlake about his tour this summer with Christina Aguilera. “I’m gonna try to do as much as I can from my album,” Timberlake said. “Once I get a format down, I can do other sh**, too.” Will the pair do any duets? “Once we get into our groove on the road, I’m sure it’ll happen.”

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