Dannii Minogue Upset With Asian Immigrants & Blair

is losing Asian fans in the new issue of GQ Magazine. The younger sister of says she is displeased with the hordes of Asian immigrants pouring into her hometown of Queensland, Australia. “Even some street signs are in Asian,” she huffed.

She also took aim at British Prime Minister Tony Blair for allowing crime to explode in London, where she now lives. “This country is in an appalling state,” she moaned. “I feel sorry for people… who are afraid to let their children walk down the street.”

Update: is furious that the right-wing British National Party are using her to promote their cause. “I am in no way a racist and quotes have been taken out of context,” Dannii told The Sun over her quotes in GQ magazine. “I do not wish to be associated with the BNP and I am furious they are using me to promote their cause.” The party, which holds racist views, claims the singer supports their cause used the controversial bits from the GQ interview on their website.

Dannii Can’t Escape Kylie’s Shadow With New Single

Dannii Minogue 'Put The Needle On It' single cover

November 18, 2002 – The Sunday Mail reports despite rave reviews, Dannii Minogue’s new single, ‘Put The Needle On It’, limped into the charts at #7, and sister Kylie Minogue’s move to pulling the release date of her new single to avoid a head- to-head battle with kid sister didn’t appear to have worked. “This is a big blow for Dannii. The song is the best thing she’s done in a long time and I think she expected it to go in a lot higher,” pop writer Cameron Adams said. “She knows she’s compared with Kylie and it doesn’t make it any easier. She’d never say it, but she gets annoyed having to live in Kylie’s shadow all the time.”

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