Dannii Says She And Kylie Do Get Along, But No Duet

Dannii Minogue has denied that she and big sister Kylie Minogue don’t get along. She tells The Mirror, “That story’s been around forever, but it’s untrue. If we’re in the same country we’ll see each other’s shows, but we don’t make a big deal of it.”

As for whether they might do a duet at some point, “Kylie and I would like to do something but a duet on a single would be a career killer.”

Kylie Minogue Is India Bound

October 21, 2002 – Khalid M Ansari of the Hindustan Times reports Kylie Minogue is headed for pristine Mussoorie in India, searching of spiritual bliss. Kylie told the paper, “Everything should be finalized within the next six months.” She added, “There’s nothing more fulfilling than meditation. And while India may be the spiritual hub of the world, you can experience it only by associating with its roots. A substantial part of my time I will now spend with yogis and other spiritual masters.”

Pink Gets The Party Started With Kylie Minogue

October 20, 2002 – Pink says the best song in the world to get a party started is Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. “There are too many great songs to get the party started to — Prince has a million of ’em! For hip-hop, my favorite is 2Pac’s ‘California Love’. But for a dance song, it’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,’ for sure. That’s the one I love to dance to right now – we love us some Kylie. She’s cute as hell, and she’s really tiny. I’m tall compared to her. I don’t believe that she had butt implants, though.”

The People Are Top Bidders For Kylie Minogue’s Bra

October 20, 2002 – The Sunday People was the top bidder for Kylie Minogue’s black lacy bra with a saucy pink frill, black ribbon bow and tiny gold heart that she had auctioned for Breast Cancer Care. Kylie said of the paper’s £2,400 bid, “I’m over the moon that it went for so much money and hope you think it’s worth it. I certainly enjoyed wearing it.”

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