‘Dante’s Cove’ Star’s Shock Claim About Pop Star In Custody Battle

Jensen Atwood, star in the here! network’s horror television show ‘Dante’s Cove’, spoke with Instinct magazine about the “biggest witch” he’s met in Hollywood, providing a response that sounded a lot like . “There was a moment in a club when I saw a certain pop star being extremely disrespectful to the people around her,” Atwood explained. “I’m not going to name [names], but she’s in the media right now and she has a couple of kids and is embroiled in a custody battle at the moment. She actually spit on another girl in the club and then had her bodyguard punk the girl and got them thrown out of the club. It was a moment of disbelief for me.”

The full story at instinctmagazine.com has since been removed.

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