Dating Britney Spears Off Limits For Other *NSYNC’ers

WENN spoke with outside the premiere of ‘The Sweetest Thing’ in New York on Monday night, where he declined comment on the relationship status of his bandmate Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. When asked though if other band members might take over where Justin left off with Spears, he said, “She’s one of our best friends. I don’t think anyone of us will be dating her any time soon.”

NSB2 Appearing On Regis And Kelly Thursday

April 10, 2002 – Regis and Kelly talked today about tomorrow’s appearance by NSB2… the Not So Boy Band that includes Joey Fatone’s father Joseph. The guys are in town with to open for the group on their current tour. Regis gave a little grief about boy bands (mocking pulling a trigger to his head), and the audience didn’t seem to excited about the prospect of a new boy band on the scene.

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4 thoughts on “Dating Britney Spears Off Limits For Other *NSYNC’ers

  1. ckj says:

    did anyone catch the phrase by lance bass “I don’t think anyone of us will be dating her anytime soon”….anytime soon….kind of makes you wonder….i think there are some Nsync bandmates that might want to have a chance with Ms. Spears. Justin watch out!

  2. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Okay did EVERYBODY talk to Lance outside this freakin premiere. Lance isn’t Justin, so how would he know. He’s had a different response in each article. And as far as the whole dating Britney thing, he talkin bout “anytime soon.” Laura better watch out because Lance has been diggin Britney since day 1. Its so obvious he wishes he were with her. What a shame

  3. lil_moe says:

    WHO CARES! Britney is hot, and they have obviously been friends with her for a long time…so if one of them wants to date her…I’m not surprised…HELL…I wish I was her! I’d pick JC FO SHO!

  4. BRiTsyncFAN says:

    LOL that is true… Lance has always had a thing for Britney. Obviously because she is hot. But if Britney were to date anyone from*NSYNC, it better not be Lance! And dating JC would just be weird… But I think she’d be cute with Trevor or Ashley from O-Town or Brian from MTV.

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