Dave Chappelle’s Michael Jackson Joke Guilt

Dave Chappelle tells Blender magazine that he feels a little guilt joking about Michael Jackson’s current child molestation case. “If Brad Pitt was in this kind of trouble, I don’t think they’d have as much fun with it,” he said, referring to the comics targeting the King of Pop relentlessly. “These jokes that I do in my act now – first time in my career I’ve done Michael jokes. I always felt bad for the guy. Whenever a black person’s in trouble, as a knee-jerk reaction, I always say, ‘They’re not guilty’.”

Jim Norton’s No Fan Of Jacko

July 10, 2004 – MTV ‘Cool Camp’ host Jim Norton is no fan of Michael Jackson. Asked for his thoughts on The King of Pop, Norton told Stuff magazine, “I hope Michael blows his brains out all over the wall and that little wafer-thin nose of his is found on the floor. I can’t stomach him.”

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4 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle’s Michael Jackson Joke Guilt

  1. fpasko says:

    I’m glad that some people on MTV, have the guts to speak out against MJ. I don’t want MJ to kill himself, but MJ really is weird and sick. He used to be amazing…now he is just a joke. It’s a shame.

  2. EvanescenceSucks says:

    That was completely over the top, but it really saddens me to see how some people will defend him so vehemently just because he (used to be) a good musician. Even if he didn’t molest anybody, he has mutilated his face, endangered his own child, and has shown a lot of bad errors in judgement. I mean, how can you share your bed with other people’s children and not be surprised that people look at you strangely? It’s obvious MJ is not living in reality and needs help, but sadly the people around him would rather kiss his ass than tell him that.

  3. Cabati says:

    Wow…talk about scum of the Earth. I think Michael’s crazy, too, but Jim Norton needs a reality check. You don’t say that about someone, especially knowing it’s going to be published because you “can’t stomach him”. I’m sure he just wanted to look like a bad ass because Stuff is obviously a guy magazine.

  4. leerch says:

    This Norton is going to eat crow. such public hate of someone who has never met is uncalled for. Michael Jackson helped MTV to be where they are today but MTV chooses to kiss the ass of non-talent barbies. Anyway, it shows where the disrespect towards Michael Jackson the musician comes from on that channel. It is really a shame and I hope this man feels the heat of having such hatred of person who he really does not know.

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