Dave Days Is ‘Burnin’ Up’ His Miley Cyrus Cutout

Dave Days didn’t win a bet who could stay up the longest, so the YouTube personality had to burn up his cardboard cutout. Check out Dave doing the pyro and performing a parody of ‘Burnin’ Up’ by the Jonas Brothers below.

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4 thoughts on “Dave Days Is ‘Burnin’ Up’ His Miley Cyrus Cutout

  1. Nguyen says:

    man he burned Hillary’s cardboard. The other obsessed dude ran away with Miley. I like these guys Dave.

  2. danielle says:

    I love you

  3. albert says:

    lol these things are kinda creepy, don’t you think?

  4. destiny says:

    You are good singer I like the songs you make fun of try to make your own songs and I’m not trying to be sarcastic still make fun of videos its cool I believe you could make yourself big

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