David Archuleta Checks In From Alaska

updated fans on his YouTube channel, checking in from Alaska, where he’s performing later today for the Alaska State Fair. The ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up complained about his dehydrated voice, blaming it on the plane ride. He also discussed how he’s been recording Christmas stuff in Utah lately, being in the Christmas spirit lately, and getting a chance to hang out with his family and friends. Watch the update below.

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20 thoughts on “David Archuleta Checks In From Alaska

  1. Kimbee says:

    What a cutie. A Christmas CD by David Archuleta will be amazing. When will it be out?

  2. ME! says:

    David Archuleta is the best!!!!! He has the most beautiful eyes and smile in the world! his joy, happiness, enthusiasm, optimism are contagious! I adore him!


    Oh he’s so adorable, and so talented “-)

  4. mattilynn says:

    Awe! David Archuleta is the best. I love his random, off the cuff, honest vlogs! He just makes you feel like you could be best friends! He’s genuine! I love that about him! One-of-a-kind! Unworldly! Phenomenal!

  5. violet4ever says:

    David is so happy in the vlog! Of course, at the time he had no idea how hard it was going to be to upload it to YouTube! His tweets about trying to upload it were hysterical last night! (he is @DavidArchie)

  6. maryann says:

    David’s such a cutie, he’s hilarious! Finally, some love for the Alaskans.

  7. erine says:

    David’s Christmas CD ” Christmas from the heart” is available for pre-order on amazon.com. it will released on October 13.

  8. indigowaves2 says:

    Kimbee: His Christmas CD comes out October 13th. You can even pre-order it on Amazon if you want. I am really looking forward to it!

  9. Patti says:

    David makes me smile until my cheeks hurt. I don’t even realize that I am grinning from ear to ear until I feel the pain! He is just too much too handle. There is no one else like him—-and oh how happy I am about that. He is so genuine, honest, funny (without even knowing it), adorable, and unbelievably talented. I have been to 6 of his concerts and cannot wait until Dec 4th when I go to one of his first Christmas concerts in Idaho. I will go to every concert I possibly can for the duration of my life. I hope that means a gazillion! Love him, love him, love him.

  10. blue says:

    i love David’s vlog, blog, tweet and all other ways he keeps us informed in the most entertaining way possible. :)

  11. jeani says:

    David loves life doesn’t he. How real.

  12. pencilcut says:

    Jeani, your comment oozes with sarcasm, am I right? (If not, well then I’m sorry I’m probably paranoid but if I AM right…. you’re probably a sad and miserable person who can’t take it that someone actually HAS a life and loves it. Not everyone is supposed to be miserable because you are. If you’re just lurking here because you DON’T have a life, well you better get one and fast because you’re not ruining ours. If you’re suggesting that David’s a fake, well he couldn’t be more real than the fact that you’re breathing right now. I’m a long-time fan and have seen David on and off cameras and I tell you with all the honesty in my heart: NOT THE SLIGHTEST DIFFERENCE. If you don’t like David, well fine not everyone has to but if you’re already trying to change who he is and judging his character well that’s a different and harder subject. Just get a life.

  13. Grace says:

    He is so adorable and genuine. When he sings, I always feel the whole persona without disguise. I admire his innocence, purity, sincerity, genuineness and, of course, his voice.

    When we were young, we all were like him, then the world gobbled up us without our hard fight. It’s amazing to see how he keeps himself so unaffected. It takes so much to refuse to be contaminated by the world. It’s like he is shielded by angels.

  14. cobbyw says:

    I was watching his vlog and someone walked by and asked me what the heck I was smiling about. I can’t help it, he just makes you happy. If you didn’t smile while watching this, you must be dead! Plus his voice is incredible. I love this kid:)

  15. bridget says:

    Best vlog ever!! Those eyes–that smile–his happiness–everything about him is awesome–Oh–and his voice is magical!!

  16. sweetonda says:

    He is the sweetest thing. I watched this and smiles the rest of the day. He has a way of making everything seem so much better. Love you David.

  17. Amy (in VA) says:

    This vlog is so wonderful because it’s just David being David. He is so good to us fans. He knows we genuinely love and care for him and it comes right back to us. This vlog just makes you feel his sheer joy at living life. Gotta love it! If you’re ever down and out, listen to David sing or just plain talk – very uplifting and always from the heart. Christmas CD on Oct. 13th is sure to uplift and inspire all! Give it to everyone on your list – they will love you for it!

  18. Amy (in VA) says:

    David Archuleta is the real deal. It is so wonderful to see someone so genuinely happy, and just want to spread it all around. He treats us fans so well, constantly keeping in touch through the mail, twitter and vlogs and blogs. If you are ever down and out, listen to David sing and you will be truly touched and uplifted. His Christmas CD due out on 10/13 is sure to inspire all who listen. Buy it for your loved ones this season – they will be blessed by it!

  19. SabrinaShiShi says:

    Aww..love this vlog..Actually,I love ALL his vlogs!! Haha..I can’t wait for his Christmas Album!! It’s gonna be titled “Christmas from the Heart” and it’ll be released on October 13th..Hooray! I got something else to look forward to, besides my birthday that month!! Woot! I am thinking about gifting the album as Christmas presents to my friends and family..teehee..

  20. John Rennie says:

    Hello Dave,
    it has been so long since I’ve seen you singing; it seems like you’re just dropped off the end of the world. I watch your reruns on you tube a lot. I just tuned into this website, by chance. Glad that I did. I want to wish you all the best on your career; I know that someone is looking after you, and will steer your career in the way he wants it to go. Never leave him or for stake him. He’s the good Shepherd. I’m always someone you can write to. I live in Canada/New Brunswick. I would imagine that is a stark difference from Utah territory. See you later my friend God bless you,

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