David Archuleta Covers ‘Imagine’ On ‘American Idol’

David Archuleta

checked in with his Twitter followers (@DavidArchie) on Wednesday (April 7), before and after his performance of the John Lennon classic ‘Imagine’ on ‘American Idol’ for the show’s Lennon/McCartney week. The ‘Idol’ season seven runner-up writes:

Catching up on the idol performances from last night. Strong night for everyone!

It’s like a family reunion here! Seeing all the people who work here is great haha.

Met all of the Idol contestants. Really nice people and really talented.

Time is coming closer to perform on tonight! Really excited! Show is about to start

Had such an awesome time tonight! you guys enjoyed watching the show!

Watch the performance at YouTube.

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One thought on “David Archuleta Covers ‘Imagine’ On ‘American Idol’

  1. cassidy says:

    David Archuleta did a fantastic job on AI singing “Imagine”! David, stripped down with just a piano, is a treat! David Archuleta is an amazing talent!!

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