David Archuleta: I Speak English Better Than Spanish

David Archuleta dentist

checked in with his Twitter followers (@DavidArchie) via his assistant Kari Sellards, talking about the difficulty he has speaking the native language of his Honduras born mother Lupe Mayorga. The statement has confused fans because the first sentence sounds like he’s talking about speaking Spanish given what he says next. The 21-year-old said:

From David: My mouth feels funny and brain tingles whenever I speak in English. I still speak English WAY better than I do Spanish (KS)

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4 thoughts on “David Archuleta: I Speak English Better Than Spanish

  1. violet4ever says:

    DavidArchie (his Twitter ID) said it right. He’s on his 2-year Mormon church mission in South America and other than special circumstances he has only been allowed to speak Spanish (the language of his mission) since the day he entered the mission training center, March 28 2012. He was lucky he already knew some Spanish, but since he did, he only got the minimum 3 weeks of training and is in South America now. I love and miss him. I’m very grateful he left us so much nice stuff – with Nandito Ako, the Forevermore album and the upcoming BEGIN. album (Aug 2012). Waiting for DA2014 :)

  2. djafan says:

    I could see how David’s tweet could be confusing but not to his fans. We know that David is only to speak Spanish since he started his mission in South America. So he’s been speaking only Spanish for a few months now so now when spoke English it felt weird. I’m bilingual and this happens to me when I speak one or the other for a long period of time and then switch, kind of get tongue tied.

    Upon David’s return in 2014 he assures us that we will get the Spanish album. In the meantime we’re getting a new single form Forevermore cd and a new release BEGIN. August 7th. Can’t wait.

  3. Annie says:

    Not confusing at all. What David meant was is that it is now feeling odd whenever he speaks English (making his mouth feel funny and brain tingle) because he has gotten so used to speaking Spanish by now. Everyone who has ever been abroad and had to speak a foreign language 99% of the time, and then suddenly had to switch back to their native tongue knows the feeling. Of course David still is his humble old self, and states that he still speaks English better than Spanish though (so it’s not a matter of language skills per se LOL) despite all that. LOL

  4. HUMAY says:

    …….I love you………

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