David Archuleta On Running, Schooling & ‘Archie’ Nickname

David Archuleta talks about being a runner, taking online courses during 'American Idol', and his Archie nickname‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up posted another video answering fan questions on his YouTube channel.

The always happy teen talked about being a runner, saying, “It feels so great, I guess the endorphins or something. I just love it.”

David also talked about school work during ‘Idol’, which he did online via EHS. “It was really convenient, because being away from school you don’t know what’s going on and you don’t have a teacher to tell you even though I had a studio teacher there with me.”

As for the ‘Archie’ nickname, he said, “It’s pretty weird when people I already know call me Archie, but people like Cook, Syesha and them, and people who work on the show who need to distinguish between the two Davids, I didn’t notice really.”

Watch the responses below.

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