David Archuleta Premieres ‘Crush’ On Z100

‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up was in the studio with Elvis Duran on Z100 in New York City this morning, premiering his debut single ‘Crush’. Asked if he slept much knowing his single was going to premiere Friday morning, the always smiling teen responded, “Not too much. I just couldn’t wait, I was so jittery last night. We had a show last night in Newark and I was just still so pumped up.” David also talked about his ‘Guitar Hero’ addiction, if he gets nervous performing on stage, hopes for a Spanish album someday, his ‘Idol’ experience, and much more.

The interview, in studio video and pictures, and the song at elvisduran.com has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “David Archuleta Premieres ‘Crush’ On Z100

  1. imrose says:

    Wow, get ready world!!. It’s a smash “crush”. Love it, love it. The future CD will be those ballads you doubters keep nay saying about and there will be some that will rip your heart out. Oh, my gosh!!! Don’t ever stop because I can not live without this now…ever..”It’s too late.”

  2. imrose says:

    What do you mean there are no responses to “David Archuleta Premieres ‘Crush’ on Z100?

  3. Elaine says:

    This is going to be a hit. It is not what most people expected. Love the lyrics and David was the best person to perform it.

  4. Tammy F. says:

    I was absolutely Blown Away when I heard his interview and than Crush!! I’m a huge fan of his and knew this type of music would be perfect for him. He is such a passionate singer/performer with the most incredible voice………….I enjoy his music more than anyone else, and he hasn’t even gotten started yet. I truly believe David A. is headed for Super-Stardom. I never had gotten into Idol before, but when I saw him sing I had to keep watching!!! Love him alot!!!!

  5. koro says:

    David you are so ugly

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