David Archuleta Pumped About Working With Miranda Cosgrove

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@davidarchuleta) on Monday (January 26), where the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up talked about attending an Adele concert, going to his high school’s Senior Ball, and filming an ‘iCarly’ appearance in Los Angeles with . The Utah teen tells readers:

So yesterday, we flew back down to LA, and I did some things for Nickelodeon with Miranda Cosgrove. It was something that involved more lines to say, haha. So I was really nervous before we started, but once we got going I had so much fun! It felt like Miranda and I just hung out all day long, and she’s such a nice girl. But yeah, the lines were for Crush Night that’s coming up on February 7th! The day of my acting debut.. when the episode of iCarly I’m on airs. It really is so much fun working with all of them on that show. I wasn’t sure if I’d get to work with them anytime soon, so when I heard I was going to be working with Miranda Sunday, I was pumped! haha. But yeah, I’ll stop talking about that and save it for the week it comes on. But keep that on your calendars! It’s a big day haha.

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