David Archuleta Shocked By ‘Crush’ iTunes & Billboard Numbers

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@davidarchuleta) on Monday (August 25) from the latest stop on the American Idols Live 2008 Tour. The ‘Idol’ season seven runner-up writes:

Hi guys. I’m here in Dallas, Jason’s lovely hometown haha, and just wanted to mention how amazing the Olympics were! I watched a lot of the track and field stuff, swimming, diving, gymnastics, and whatever else I could get a glimpse of while we’re out doing’ our thing. I wish I could have watched more! But it was amazing to see stuff like Michael Phelps. That’s just crazy! I was only able to watch a small bit of the closing ceremony since our Houston show was going at the same time, but from what I saw it was really cool. So just wanted to ramble a bit on that haha.

On a side note I just wanna thank everyone so much for your support with ‘Crush’! I was shocked to see it number 1 on iTunes and then I about died when I saw it number 2 on the hot 100 lol. Someone told me during the Sunrise, Florida after show about the Billboard debut but I thought they were mistaken and didn’t believe them. But wow! I’m just ecstatic to know that you guys like the song and thanks so much for helping make ‘Crush’ do what I thought was the unthinkable!

I’m still working on the album and we’re all trying really hard to do our best. Well we’re at the venue now so talk to you guys later!

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One thought on “David Archuleta Shocked By ‘Crush’ iTunes & Billboard Numbers

  1. pl says:

    Crush is my favorite song!! I have the biggest crush on David archuletta…

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