David Archuleta Shops For Elephant Poo Poo Paper

David Archuleta checks in from a gift shop at the airport in Atlanta during a layover, checking out items that include Elephant Poo Poo PaperDavid Archuleta’s latest YouTube video features the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up wandering around at the airport in Atlanta with Kendra, the keyboardist on tour, during a layover. Archuleta was checking out a gift shop, getting a kick out of the Elephant Poo Poo Paper, available at poopoopaper.com.

Archuleta wrote, “Sorry, I know my voice is excruciatingly gaspy and more hoarse – sounding than it already usually sounds. But it’s because my voice really dries out on airplane rides haha.”

“I’m just at the Atlanta airport. We have a layover on our way to Virginia for our first show, which if you’re planning on doing anything the next month, I’m on tour,” Archuleta explained in the video. “So exciting stuff, and just kind of nervous but excited at the same time about it. Just looking at weird little things here. I’m actually here with the keyboardist Kendra. This is Kendra everybody… We’re just looking at little toys here… There’s a bunch of really cool little things here. I was looking at these things over here, I thought they were really interesting. There’s cards and stuff made from, says right there (poo). It’s really interesting, like paper made out of elephant stuff.”

Watch the video below.

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