David Jordan Asks Fans To Help Honduran Children

David Jordan

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@davidjordanofficial) on Wednesday (September 3). The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m in Honduras in Central America… doing my best to help these children have a good life, they have nothing but love from the people who work here and have been abandoned by there parents.. Amazing intelligent kids with the hope of bright future with OUR HELP. They use Limperas here and that’s equivalent to virtually NOTHING for us, 1 pound for us is like 50 Limperas for them.. So what we have goes a huge way, I cry whilst writing this coz the children need us in the western world so bad they studying English and math… And are so bright and beautiful, they hardly have any clothes between a family of children.. ripped t-shirts and vests… They don’t have fresh water so it can be dangerous for them to drink. They don’t have roads just DUSTY pathway here in Tierra Santa.. My quest here is to bring some happiness for them and to create awareness in the western modern society… They are so young and so bright, they just had bad start in life.. And SO MUCH THAT WE TAKE GRANTED… IT WOULD A DREAM FOR THEM, just to experience the kind of life we live. Please help

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One thought on “David Jordan Asks Fans To Help Honduran Children

  1. kendra linkes says:

    david jordan I am ashamed to say I’m not familiar with you but after reading your comments on the children of honduras I want to know all about you and your precious compasionate soul! I have been in a relationship with a honduran man for a little over a year and through him and his family I have been introduced to the poverty and heartache that is with the beautiful people of honduras. I am a compassionate person by nature, the single mother of 11 children (8 of which are adopted) and very moved to help whenever a situation presents itself. I have been looking for a movement to get involved in to help make a difference in the lives of honduran children and people. how can I get on board? money is my biggest opposition but I’ve got all the desire commitment and “stick to it” a person needs and I’m bilingual! hope to hear from someone with an idea you guys might have for letting me help you help them. I’m so willing

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