David Letterman Sends Birthday Greeting To Jacko

David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Friday night, “There’s a big celebrity birthday today. Happy birthday to Michael Jackson. He turned 45 today. It was hard to believe, but he blew out all the candles on his cake through his surgical mask. Earlier this week Michael was in some trouble. He got off a plane in his pajamas, carrying an umbrella and an electric fan. You know if he doesn’t knock this stuff off, he might get a reputation for being weird.”

Red Tape Nixes Jacko’s Roller Coaster Dreams

August 28, 2003 – Globe magazine reports that has lost out on a bid to add a roller coaster to his Neverland Ranch. Red tape and sky high insurance rates have nixed his plans, leaving Jacko to settle for his current bumper cars, train ride, and flying swings on the California property.

Jackson: Sony Music Tells Him To Beat It

August 28, 2003 – FoxNews.com’s Roger Friedman has learned, in very definite terms, that Sony Music is not interested in new albums by Michael Jackson. “He has one album left, a greatest hits album,” said a source. “There’s also a boxed set. But that’s it. Nothing new and nothing more.” Read more.

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