David Spade On Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Split

David Spade joked during ‘The Showbiz Show’ “news” update on Thursday night, “Nick and Jessica have split. won’t be known as Mrs. Nick Lachey, and Nick Lachey won’t be known as a celebrity.”

Us Weekly Stands By Nick & Jessica Break-up Report

October 6, 2005 – Us Weekly “stands by its story” that and Nick Lachey have split up, a rep said in response to the couple’s denial. The mag quotes a source “close to Lachey” as blaming Joe Simpson’s controlling, jealous ways, and adds that Jessica “is like the new J.Lo or something.” So why are they denying the report? The New York Daily News hears that their deal with OK! magazine requires them to confirm news items exclusively with the pay-for-news tabloid.

Nick And Jessica Deny Us Weekly Split Claim

October 6, 2005 – Us Weekly’s Caroline Schaeffer tells ‘Extra’ that Nick Lachey and have not been together for close to two months. “Now we know the reason they are not wearing their rings,” Schaeffer said. “I think for a long time people have said this is a marriage of convenience for business reasons. It wasn’t the right time to split, so for a long time they have been having separate lives, but staying together in public.” Lachey’s publicist responded by issuing the following statement on behalf of both of the ‘Newlyweds’: “Nick and Jessica have not separated. Rumors to the contrary are simply not true.”

Nick And Jessica ‘Announcement’ Coming

October 5, 2005 – PerezHilton.com reports that a source is telling them Us Weekly is ready to make an “official announcement” about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Given that Simpson has been seen without her wedding ring and that Lachey didn’t attend Ashlee Simpson’s 21st birthday bash with his wife, the speculation is that the couple are divorcing.

LA Wildfires Threaten Several Star Homes

September 30, 2005 – ‘Extra’ reports that Lisa Marie Presley, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey are amongst the celebrities who face having their homes burned away by the wildfires sweeping through Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.

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3 thoughts on “David Spade On Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Split

  1. redar says:

    I always blew off the tabloid reports of trouble in the marriage but I saw live footage of Ashley’s birthday party. Jessica did not have her wedding ring on again, she was alone, and when Ashlee was asked about it there was something about the way she looked and said, “Yea, Jessica came alone to help me celebrate”. It was the first time I thought theres trouble in paradise. Hope they work it out.

  2. OriginalNicknameHere says:

    It’ll be really sad if there is any truth at all to them separating or whatever. The press ate that relationship up and spit them out. In awhile, I almost wish they never did Newlyweds… I was a fan of both of there’s before that, I hope they are fine and it’s just being blown out of proportion by the media.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    I’ve been hearing about that lately. I hope it doesn’t happen, because I hate to see humble, down to earth couples like that break up. But when it comes to divorce issues I don’t really see it as the end of the world. It just happens, a lot. I just hope they will still remain friends, but I do hope they can try to work things out as well.

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