Dayanara On Marc Anthony And J.Lo Rumors

Contributed by Shaniqua699:

Last night on the Spanish Cristina show on Univision, Dayanara spoke about her failed relationship with and about the recent rumors of Marc and Jennifer Lopez. Dayanara was very heartbroken on the show, especially when they played a clip of Jennifer on an older show of Cristina talking about how she was not involved with Marc. Jennifer was talking to the crowd saying “it’s not true, it’s not true!” and then Marc shows up with roses and surprised Jennifer on the show. Marc pulled a chair up and sat close with Jennifer while Jennifer blushed and laughed. Dayanara watching the clip had tears in her eyes and told Cristina that when this was filmed, her and Marc were dating, and it hurt her to see him with Jennifer.

She also said if the rumors are true about Jennifer that it would be the hardest blow she would ever receive. Dayanara said you have no idea how many problems Jennifer has caused our relationship since she first came into our lives, she’s always been there as a problem. That’s why it would hurt to know that Marc is with Jennifer because it would mean I was right all along about his infidelity.

Dayanara’s mom and sister were there for support and brought out Dayanara’s and Marc Anthony’s two sons, the oldest of which was asking for his father to the camera. Cristina showed footage of Dayanara and what she has to do every day as a single parent since the split, also some candid shots of Dayanara and her sons at a photo session and at home. Cristina asked Dayanara and her family to give a message to Marc Anthony, which they all said we wish you all the happiness, no matter where you find it. Cristina said,”That is very nice, now my turn. Marc all that glitters in the street may look very shiny, but it’s fake. It is nothing compared to the golden real love you can only find and get at home. Grow up Marc Anthony.”

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10 thoughts on “Dayanara On Marc Anthony And J.Lo Rumors

  1. popmaster167 says:

    That’s quite a sad and moving story,a man should always value his children over a bit of fluff. Anyway when he’s older and his children don’t really want to know him or show little concern over him it will come back to haunt him.

  2. Fashionista says:

    Jennifer Lopez is a HOMEWRECKER!!! OJANA, P. DIDDY, CRIS JUDD, BEN, NOW MARC ANTHONY. She’s doing herself more harm then good. Is she that scared of being alone that she just goes for anything. Marc Anthony look at Him she isn’t even seeing straight. Dayranna pull yourself together, it hurts now but your probably better off without him. But make sure he pays his MAINTENANCE!!! SKIN HIS A$$ FOR ALL IT’S WORTH!!!!!!! To me his worth: “NADA, ZIP – ZERO!!!!”

  3. Carrie says:

    I saw the show and it was heartbreaking. Dayannara is distraught. The girl really did love that man. Marc will get his. What goes around comes around. He’ll die of jealousy when she finds another man who loves her. In the meantime, let him play because he will pay eventually. What’s so sad here is the fact that she senses that J Lo is to blame for the split. J Lo is probably saying “I don’t care”. I’ve had so much pain there’s nothing going to hurt me. She’s numb of pain after what Affleck put her through.

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    What is wrong with Ms. Dayanara? She’s the prettiest Latina ever. She should move on and forget about that anorexic bastard. There’s a lot of fishes in the ocean… Aaron Diaz anyone?

  5. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    Cristina sucks for putting Dayannara in a situation like that on TV, what a friend! I don’t think she should go public with nothing yet!

  6. kking says:

    Did you guys know that Dayanara lived in the Philippines for a few years. She decided to stay there after she was crowned Miss Universe. She was a big celebrity and she had a variety show.. She was a really great dancer. She had a very famous boyfriend then and they lived together for a few years until they broke up..that’s when she decided to go back home..she must’ve been heartbroken too because she was really in love with the famous actor too but the actor had a hard time committing because he’s been a bachelor all his life! It’s sad to her like this.. She is such a nice person she deserves to be happy.

  7. justice88 says:

    If those rumors were true, which I’m still hoping it’s not, since to my understanding, they’re doing a duet or a movie together, there’s this saying that, “if you make your wife cry, it will backfire against you, someday.” it may not be today, but, the time will come.” don’t let anyone step all over you, please, for they have to right to do that. thanks a million!

  8. thedirrtyone says:

    I saw the show too, it was kind of sad. at least Dayanara can concentrate on her career now that her macho husband is gone. about a comment above. I am not a Jennifer fan, but I don’t think she is a whore. if a relationship does not work you leave. why don’t you call Marc a ho, he had his wife at home, fathered a child with this other girl, and cheated on Dayanara with J.lo. although I do think it was wrong of Jennifer to come between Dayanara and Marc. Marc is so nasty, but ugly, and to skinny, big eye balls and cheek bones NASTY

  9. lilla says:

    I really hope J.Lo doesn’t hook up with anyone soon, media thinks everyone is so interested in her but when was the last time she did anything decent?

  10. Mable says:

    She’s numb with pain after what Affleck put her through because she’s getting back what she did to Chris Judd.

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