Dean Geyer Begins Recording Second Album

updated his MySpace friends on Monday (October 6) with a bulletin regarding the follow-up to his 2007 debut album ‘Rush’. The ‘Australian Idol’ season four finalist writes:

What’s happening dudes and dudettes!!!

I have got some really exciting news!! I have just started recording for the second album and I’m so stoked on the new sound, I did vocals for a track the other day and the music is pumping! Even if I do say so myself, I really think you guys are gonna dig the new sound.

There are two more songs that we have finished, which I’m doing vocals for this week, and more to come! So stay tuned cos it is gonna be a big year next year. Hopefully I can plan a tour in conjunction with the album release and I will come out and see all your pretty faces. So stay cool, be good and i will speak soon!

Much love

Deano xxx

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