Debbie Gibson Is Inspired By Actual Life

Debbie Gibson caught up with Debbie Gibson in a Q&A, asking the singer and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ participant about her favorite film and TV work, never being concerned about putting out hits with music subsequent to her first three albums, plans for a new album, actual life being her inspiration, loving Donald Trump, and charity work.

“It’s funny… I think you hear a lot of artists go through this process where they come out with their first hit and great album or two because it’s all the songs they accumulated while they were just living life,” Gibson said about songwriting inspiration. “Then you hit the road and you get the songs about being on the road that nobody can relate to! For me, I’ve been sort of re-inspired because I’ve been in a great relationship for the past few years and I get inspired by everything. It could be a groove of a song that I love that’s current. That all of a sudden takes me into writing my own version of that… Or it triggers something in me or it could be be something from my own real life. It could be something from world events. I’m very tuned into writing from that place right now. I feel like this country is not in the greatest place. I see people’s pains and I feel their struggles… I’ve written some songs that are very about what can’t be taken away from you. Because I think that people right now are losing jobs, they can’t come up with money to pay for rent or whatever it is.”

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