Debbie Rowe Wants Respect, Not Custody

Roger Friedman of is insisting reports Debbie Rowe is seeking custody of ex-husband Michael Jackson’s eldest children are untrue. Friedman explained, “I know what Debbie Rowe wants. Debbie Rowe wants respect. That’s RESPECT. And so far she’s not getting it from Michael Jackson. Rowe in fact does not want full time custody of and Paris. What she wants, I am told, is for Michael to start including her in his inner circle as his child molestation case proceeds. Believe it or not, Jackson has not spoken to Rowe since the news of the scandal broke back on Nov. 17, 2003. Not a word, not a phone call.” Read more.

Debbie Rowe Seeking Custody Of Kids

February 25, 2004 – ‘Celebrity Justice’ reports that a child custody dispute between and Debbie Rowe is headed for a top-secret showdown. In legal documents filed in Los Angeles, the indicted pop star and the ex-nurse agreed to hire a retired judge to mediate a “family law matter” behind closed doors. Lawyers for both sides refused to comment, but reports indicate that Rowe is seeking custody of their two kids.

‘Rush Hour’ Director: ‘I Knew the Mother Would Set Up Jacko’

February 23, 2004 – Roger Friedman of reports Chris Tucker, the star of the two ‘Rush Hour’ movies, and Brett Ratner, the director of the same two films, play a major role in the child molestation case against Michael Jackson. It is alleged the mother deposited her children with anyone who’d take them – grandparents, friends, acquaintances – so she could spend time with her boyfriend. The mother is also said to have been inattentive during her son’s bout with cancer, including Ratner on the set of ‘Rush Hour 2’. “[The boy] would sit in my director’s chair. When I told him to get up, he’d tell me to go to hell.” Ratner said, “He used to tell me, ‘Brett, I don’t like the last shot’ while he was watching us make the movie. He’s telling me how to make my movie! He’s more street smart than I was at that age. If someone tried to fondle him, he’d punch them in the face. He’s an adult. I think the jury will see that.” Ratner added, “I always had a weird feeling that the mother would set Michael up.” Read more.

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3 thoughts on “Debbie Rowe Wants Respect, Not Custody

  1. Lotus says:

    Embarressed maybe? Judging by what we saw in the infamous documentary he really didn’t seem that street smart at all. Kinda stupid really. Maybe Brett is trying to save MJs face after having been so buddy-buddy with him in public?

  2. Hotstar says:

    If the woman wants respect she needs to start taking cares of the children she gave birth to. What type of mother in her right mind would let the dad of YOUNG children keep her separated from them, especially with all the allegations against him and the whole baby dangling incident. And she is an idiot for not demanding her rights to the see the kids regularly right after they were born. Those poor kids, stuck with two dumbass parents!

  3. Astris says:

    She got his attention and some respect. If Debbie wanted to hurt him she would have lied to hell and back like LM did. She was a excellent witness for MJ. Sneddon was sorry he ever called her.

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