Debi Nova Discusses Costa Rica, Songwriting Passion & Love For Surfing

Debi Nova talks with to share details about Costa Rica, being bilingual and her musical beginnings

sat down with to share a little more about herself in a new episode of ‘The 5’. Viewers can learn more about the pop singer’s native country of Costa Rica, her tendency to speak in “Spanglish”, her passion for songwriting and playing instruments, and with her love for surfing.

“I am from San Jose, Costa Rica,” she said. “Beautiful country, it’s in Central America and what you should know about Costa Rica. First of all, the most beautiful thing about it is that it has no army, and you can really feel the peace and the positivity that’s within the people there. It’s very at the forefront of eco conciousness and it really takes care of its natural resources. People are really laid back. It’s really cool. Food is amazing. Beaches are beautiful. Weather is fabulous.”

On being bilingual, she said, “I moved from Costa Rica to Los Angeles about seven years ago, and I speak both English and Spanish, so this album that’s coming out soon is a good representation of how I communicate with my family and friends. I say maybe 80% in English and 20% in Spanish, and sometimes 80% in Spanish and 20% in English, depending on the mood.”

On her musician and songwriter profession, she said, “I started playing piano when I was four years old. I picked up the guitar and the bass when I was between 12-14. They’re really a very, very important part of my songwriting process. Playing instruments is probably what I love to do the most. I sit in front of the piano every single day and it’s definitely a big part of this album.”

Watch it below.

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