Deborah Gibson Hopes For Tina Turner Style Pop Comeback

Playbill caught up with for a Q&A, asking the singer how she managed to avoid the pitfalls of young stardom and stay on a healthy path, in contrast to someone like Britney Spears. “I think something I mentioned before is [that] I’m in this because I love the craft,” Gibson said. “I love the first day of a rehearsal for a show. I love auditioning. It’s funny because I’ve gotten direct offers to do things on Broadway and yet had to audition for certain regional productions for directors that didn’t know my work at all. I love having to audition, and I love getting that call that says, ‘You’ve got the part.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s in the tiniest theatre or on Broadway. I think that if you have that genuine love for what you’re doing and you’re not in it for the media attention [you will be okay]. I’m not saying that [Spears] is in it for the media attention, but I do believe it becomes something that can sidetrack you if you are not grounded enough in some love of what you’re doing and some bigger reason for doing what you’re doing than fame and fortune.”

As for her own hopes for a pop music comeback, Gibson said, “At the end of this past year, I finished recording a round of new songs that I want to present to labels. I keep saying I’m ready for my big ‘Tina Turner comeback.’ [Laughs.] She was 42 when ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’ came out, so I still even have a few years. I still love the thrill of being on the radio, and I love the thrill of touring on a hit record. That’s just great stuff!” Read more.

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One thought on “Deborah Gibson Hopes For Tina Turner Style Pop Comeback

  1. pattyg says:

    Deborah has made a new video blog about new single/video free for download possible next week. The song is called “Already Gone” she sings the title in the video and talks about working with “HOT PRODUCER” Fred Coury from Cinderella. Check out her offical websites on myspace,twitter,youtube for futher updates.
    If the link I try to post doesn’t show up then you can go to YouTube and type in Debbie Gibson offical

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