Deborah Gibson Isn’t Going Into Foreclosure, Rep Insists

Deborah Gibson’s rep David Salidor tells that reports suggesting the ’90s pop star’s home is in foreclosure are not true. “Much to the chagrin of media everywhere, Deborah is simply moving in with her boyfriend of the last year [doctor/documentarian Rutledge Taylor],” Salidor explained. “As we all know, [this] is the right time to sell… and, this was it for her.”

The “right time to sell” comment had The Real Estalker, who originally reported the news, howling, given the current economic crisis and crash of the housing market, particularly in California. “Hunny, have you read the papers or watched the news programs,” ‘Mama’ asks. “This is most definitely not the time to sell a house if you don’t have to and, quite frankly, it’s never, ever time to sell a house for less than you paid, you know?”

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