Deepak Chopra Discusses Michael Jackson’s Prescription Drug Problem

Best-selling author and radio host, Deepak Chopra, who knew for 20 years, talked with MSNBC ‘Countdown’ host Keith Olbermann about the devotion of Jackson’s fans. Chopra said he had talked with the singer a few times in the past couple weeks, saying Jackson “sounded really good” and was “really excited about the concert.” Chopra said that when Jackson asked for a oxycontin prescription from the doctor, he quized him about why he’d need the narcotic and Jackson became defensive and would avoid contact. Chopra also expressed anger at the problem in Hollywood with doctors who are “legalized drug pushers”. Watch the segment, aired Friday (June 26), below.

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4 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra Discusses Michael Jackson’s Prescription Drug Problem

  1. shyam says:

    It is sad that Deepak Chopara is focusing on all the negative stuff to get his time on television. I thought he is supposed to be better then all of us and knows that the stuff he is spreading in the media is does not do good for anyone. Before hearing you on Michael Jackson in your CNN interview and now, I had a lot of respect for you. I don’t think Dr. Wayne Dyer, your friend, would really focus on all the negative stuff you are spreading. FOCUS ON THE GOOD STUFF. I think, if you were his friend, you would a lot of good stuff to say. I personally think you are trying to milk his death and trying to get your 15 minutes of fame on television. I thought you were better than this….

    Shame of you Deepak. I would recommend everyone should stop buying your books or consulting with you. You are no better than other frauds who make money tragedies.

    Again…. Shame on you…

  2. James says:


    I think Dr. Chopra is actually going through a lot of pain, as is Quincy Jones, who also has made some very anger-filled statements regarding MJ. Understand that Dr. Chopra (as well as his son, Gotham) was very close to MJ for MANY YEARS, and is certainly quite famous enough in his own right not to need any extra 15 minutes of fame. I’m proud of him for calling out the culture of enabling MJ had surrounding him, as well as the broader culture of Hollywood doctors who are violating their Hippocratic oaths by falsely prescribing pain meds to stars.

  3. Shaun says:

    The fact of the matter is that Dr. Chopra has nothing to be ashamed of and to suggest otherwise if ridiculous. Why should he be ashamed of revealing the magnitude of Jackson’s addiction. Enough with elevating Mr. Jackson to the position of a saint without flaws. He was not perfect. He was a human being with many gifts, who also had many challenges and looking the other way & trying to wrap the story of his life and death up into some neat little perfect passage is not realistic and not a positive pursuit at all. The fact of the matter is, that people need to hear this story, so that someone else who is misusing or abusing narcotics, for whatever reason can see the consequences of this type of action. If it makes one doctor rethink a decision to indulge a narcotic seeker. If it makes one person seek an alternative to narcotics to deal with his pain, then the information revealed by Chopra, which is not all new, was worth it. There are too many people walking around in a fantasy land and the fact is, that misuse of narcotics results in an overwhelmed pulmonary system and later failure of body systems, ergo death. It doesn’t make Jackson a bad man because he had developed an addiction. It makes him a human being with challenges who needed help. The people who indulged his frequent requests for narcotics, enabled him. They looked the other way & fed him drugs to appease him. No doctor worth his salt could genuinely look the other way while observing that their patient was disfiguring himself with multiple plastic surgeries & trying to kill his mental, emotional & physical pain with with narcotics. He called it like he experienced it and there is no shame in that. The shame in this is that some of the fans who reportedly loved Michael, are unable to accept the truth of his struggles. The truth is just that, the truth and the truth is, that this 50 y/o man did not have to die, but is dead today because of the so called happy shiny people who enabled him and supported his addictive behavior for their own selfish reasons. Enough already!

  4. inko says:

    Deepak is launching his own magazine

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