Defending Britney Spears

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I cannot be called a fan of or Christina Aguilera, but with all these articles and critics writing so negatively about Britney, I may as well join the horde, however, I am writing in honor of Britney’s subtle, growing and definitely strong musical legend.

When I first heard, ‘Baby One More Time’ and found out later that it was sung by a 16 year old, I didn’t know what to make of it. The beat was infectious and the chorus catchy but the lyrics were ambiguous, maybe even sexual and a little precocious. Does she actually mean what she was singing? Who knows.. Then she followed the single with three unmemorable singles that followed the theme of cute teenage romance.

But when I heard ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ and found out that it moved a million plus copies in the first week. Then I was a little intrigued by this girl. ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ — was she talking about her inevitable success? And was she being a little arrogant and too self-assured? Then, as mischievous as she has appeared, she said that “she was not that innocent” I smiled.. Thinking that this blonde girl must have something more. Then she followed it up with ‘Lucky’ – a song about a FAILED Hollywood SUCCESS.. Such good oxymoron, that could have been her theme but she denied it vehemently.

When ‘Britney’ came out with the leading single, ‘Slave 4 U’ the Neptune track that veered Britney to a very, very different musical direction, it was already too apparent that she has leadership qualities for the rest of teeny boppers. After all, up until that point, everyone was happy with just ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ and ‘Genie in a Bottle’. The album did not do as well as the previous efforts and the reason was clear, her music has grown up and her fans did not. ‘Overprotected’ became the sequel of ‘Lucky’ and it is true that despite all the smiles, Britney could be struggling, but this time around, she is protesting. ‘I’m not a girl…’ is an exemplary piece of work, vocally and lyrically, as Britney once again, drives her audience to a different phase of her life. Now, from a pre-pubescent ‘Baby One More Time’ to a teasing ‘Oops, I did It Again’ to the giant step of ‘Britney’ I can clearly see that Britney is moving, telling her story rather realistically through her music.

Everyone waited for ‘In The Zone’, some desperately wanted it to bomb and some desperately wanted it to do spectacularly. Most critics called her a wash-out that would end up like most teen stars, but when ‘Me Against The Music’ was released, everyone was looking at how it would pull the album into prominence but it didn’t since it was only a non-hit but her album most surprisingly fired up to NUMBER ONE. How is it that an album, without a heading single that went nowhere managed to pull through? The answer is this: Britney has continued her story and now as woman in her twenties, she is done with the ribbons, the coyness and the in-between phase and like most women in her age, she wants to know her sexuality. ‘Toxic’ screamed with an intensity unknown to her, while ‘Everytime’ was so tender that you could almost feel sorry for her. Throughout the sexual album, Britney talked of one night stand, masturbation, her incredible sex drive but closing her album with an ode to Justin Timberlake.

Britney spears has consistency and a believable legacy, quite unknown to the pop world, and at the end of the day, no matter how much beauty, body and image you have, it is the music that people buy. They are plenty of women ten times more beautiful than Britney but it is the music that her fans and the public are buying.

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