Defending My Britney Spears Petition

Contributed anonymously:

I would like to take this opportunity to defend myself for starting the “Britney Sing Live” petition.

Firstly, I know this petition will probably not change a thing. She will do what makes her most comfortable. However I just got sick of going onto Britney “fan forums” after every live TV performance lately and seeing “fans” post negative stuff about her lip-synching. Ironically, these same fans are the ones who are complaining about this petition!

I’m a MASSIVE Britney fan and hope she does not take offense from this petition. I intend to go to one of the concerts and don’t really care if she lip-synchs. I just thought I would do something constructive, rather than just go on the internet forums and complain about her lip-synching. I think she should do more live singing but I will support her no matter what she decides to do on this tour.

Nearly 2,000 people have signed it, so some fans obviously agree with me on this one, though I don’t expect every fan to agree because some think she can do no wrong and agree with EVERYTHING she does. I don’t think she expects her fans to agree with everything she does, so I don’t think she will take offense.

I will end this by saying please don’t think that I’m not a “true fan” just because I started this petition. There are few people that can call themselves bigger fans than me!

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10 thoughts on “Defending My Britney Spears Petition

  1. myhead says:

    You didn’t have to defend yourself but I respect that you did. I don’t get how some people think they own the measuring stick of defining what a TRUE FAN is anyway…. **ARGUING WITH PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET IS LIKE RUNNING THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS…YOU MAY WIN BUT YOU ARE STILL RETARDED

  2. rangergirl says:

    Many singers lipsync from time to time for various reasons. It’s not just her incessantly lipsyncing that’s disturbing about her. Her voice was unfortunately starting to “thin-out” by the time she was 20. Her voice is enhanced ALOT in the studio as well. She stills sings probably better than the average person on the street but to call herself anything more than a performer is ridiculous. Also, considering the amount of dance training she’s had she’s not that good. Maybe she will step up her game soon. Who knows? Anyway her fans are SO delusional that whether she sings is a non-issue they buy into it regardless.

  3. nanda_lo says:

    Well… I’m also a big fan of Britney but I do think she should at least TRY to sing live on stage. She did it on SNL… why can’t she do it on her tour? Did you hear her singing “Everytime” live? It MUUUUUUUCH better than the album…. She can do it… we know it! Let’s just make sure SHE knows it. I think she’s just too insecure to do it and is afraid of disappointing her fans. But she wouldn’t disappoint us!!!! C’mon! Avril Lavigne SUCKS singing live and I still like her music! That woulnd’t make her better or worse than anyone…. but would at least shut people up!

  4. jimmypee says:

    well you’re an idiot if you don’t care that she lipsynches. but hey you’re a flopney fan, so we knew you’re an idiot anyway. she sucks. LMAO @ that petition though. just added to the complete lack of respect for her.

  5. Jive says:

    Most of the people signed the petition are just haters and Christina fans. It’s obvious.

  6. foxina says:

    Yeah, I liked the live version of Everytime on snl way better than the CD version too.

  7. babet says:

    due to her smoking habit……singing live is just gonna damage her rep even more. if she was smart…..she should stick to the lipsynching…..not just for her…..but for her fans’ sakes as well.

  8. Gi says:

    Hi, Robin! Don’t even feel that you have to defend yourself to anyone!! I agree with everything you just said…I have not seen or heard of the petition until this, but I think you have done a very constructive thing in starting it. My question is …WHERE CAN I SIGN??? At 30, I consider myself a HUGE fan of Brit’s (yes, I am old, but who gives a damn??), and while I too feel that anything she does is fine, I would also like to see her use more live vocals. As a matter of fact , I have said at least 2 times on the WoB forums that I feel that Brit should do an MTV UNPLUGGED, and I know lots of other fans there have posted this as well. The girl DOES have a voice , for God’s sake! it may not be a Christina or Whitney voice, but it has a unique sound… I really hope that she sings more on this tour. I think that we all have our own definition of what a fan is, and should not criticize each other if one doesn’t fit our own personal definition. Robin, stay strong!! Don’t worry about any negativity! :)

  9. RE-BORNARTIST says:

    I was sure that a Britney hater started that petition, I guess I was wrong. It doesn’t bother me that she rarely sings live, but that’s just me. I’m a MASSIVE Britney fan too, and I haven’t been a teenager for a very long time. Like you, I will support whatever she decides to do on this tour.

  10. XtinaFan says:

    Have you kids heard Britney sing on Diane Sawyer, when Diane asked her to do her Star Search voice? SHE STILL HAS IT!!!!!!!!!!! lmao… oh man….and I just remember all these idiots (such as babet) saying she “lost” her MMC/Star Search voice, a few months back. hilarious. hey Robin, Britney can’t sing live due to a certain health reason. I’m not going to say what it is, because then the haters will know. But it’s not anything to do with smoking, I’ll tell you that right off the bat.

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