Delano Cagnolati Is The American Idol To Be DQ’d

Gail Shister of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the contestant to be booted from tonight’s ‘American Idol’ is Delano Cagnolati, a singer from Los Angeles. He’s listed as being 23 on the ‘American Idol’ website, but is actually 29 – above the 25 year old age limit. Cagnolati will admit to lying about his age in tonight’s show.

USA Today Reports ‘Idol’ DQ Due To Lying About Age

July 1, 2002 – USA Today reports a semifinalist on Fox’s ‘American Idol’ has been disqualified for lying about his age. The contestant, who will be named Tuesday, is 25 – one year too old by show rules. There’s still some confusion as to whether it’s one of the six finalists or one of the other 24 contestants.

An ‘American Idol’ To Be DQ’d On Tuesday

July 1, 2002 – FOX has been running TV spots claiming that one of the finalists has been caught in a lie and will be disqualified on Tuesday. Rumors on the message board range from someone being too old, Jim lying about his deaf parents, or one of them already having a record out.

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2 thoughts on “Delano Cagnolati Is The American Idol To Be DQ’d

  1. Anthony says:

    Miley was on Idol last week. She’s good!

  2. Rosanna Agni says:

    No surprise it’s the end of the line for Katie and Andrew after last night’s performance…

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