Delta Goodrem: ‘I’ve Got Nothing To Lose’ In U.S.

tells the Herald Sun she was only slightly nervous at the prospect of singing ‘Lost Without You’ for five million Americans on ‘Today’ for her first U.S. performance Wednesday. It was nice to be performing for fresh ears, she said. “That’s what’s wonderful about singing in a new place,” she said. “I’ve got nothing to lose. I can relax and sing from the heart.” The full story at has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Delta Goodrem: ‘I’ve Got Nothing To Lose’ In U.S.

  1. embo says:

    I’m a BIG delta fan and I wish her the best of luck in the USA> I was bummed when she decided not release any more records in the uk

  2. joshy420 says:

    I’ve seen her album in record stores in Canada before, but I’ve never once heard her. is she any good? who is she comparable to?

  3. wlfan18 says:

    I would compare her to Celine Dion, I live in NY and Ive only heard one song from her, the one she sang with Brian Mcfadden “Almost here” and I absolutely love. Her voice is great.

  4. embo says:

    She’s kinda like Michelle Branch with a piano. she sounds like Hayley from One Tree Hill

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