Delta Goodrem ‘Second Fiddle’

The Herald Sun reports was unhappy about playing second fiddle to John Farnham before ending her partnership with manager Glenn Wheatley. “This past year has been wonderful, but Delta was alone,” a source said. “Let’s face it – Glenn was on tour with John (Farnham) nearly seven months of last year. If everyone does their sums, work it out. Delta was working on Neighbours all day, then doing her music at night.” Sources said Goodrem’s mother, Lea, took charge because Wheatley was busy, adding that Wheatley’s relationship with Goodrem soured considerably after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in July.

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One thought on “Delta Goodrem ‘Second Fiddle’

  1. right_wing says:

    Okay if there is 1 person England can’t make into a diva bitch it’s Delta. And how cruel to use her illness in this bull crap! God why does there always have to be drama? Just because people are famous doesn’t mean they live in a soapy, things can go smoothly

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