Delta Goodrem Takes On America

Billboard spoke with Sony Music U.S./Sony Music International VP of A&R David Massey about their plans on breaking in the U.S. as soon as she’s physically prepared for the gruelling schedule following her treatment of Hodgkin’s disease. “Our plans are still related to her health,” Massey said. “We need her to be able to travel across the U.S. extensively and perform showcases and make sure she’s completely ready for it physically. Our first priority is her well being, but we’re very optimistic.” Although still under discussion, “the most likely scenario,” Massey says, is that ‘Innocent Eyes’ will be issued in the United States with one or two new tracks. “In the next month, there will be the beginnings of her plan to work on her follow-up to ‘Innocent Eyes’ and possibly one or two of those songs could find its way onto the U.S. album.”

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