Demi Lovato 17th Birthday Party Highlights

posted some behind the scenes footage from her 17th birthday party. The ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star told her Twitter followers (@ddlovato):

Check out a video from my birthday party :)

Hahahaha my favorite part of the video is 0:53 …. @keithcarlisle gettin’ DOWN!! I love and miss you keith!!

Yayyy!! Thank you guys!! I’m glad you liked the little dance we put together just for fun :D You guys are awesome!!!

Watch it below.

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16 thoughts on “Demi Lovato 17th Birthday Party Highlights

  1. Alexis says:

    hi Demi
    I am a huge fan of you and think you are very pretty.
    I’ve always wanted to just like you.
    Could you teach this dance and put it on YouTube , I want to do this dance for the spring show my school has.

    Thank you
    Your 1# fan!

  2. Meg says:

    OMG can you please!!!!!!!!!!!! post a tutorial for the dance I wanna learn it so bad

  3. jose says:

    It looked good, I guess happy birthday I know its late but I don’t keep up with celebrities like that just came upon the video and wondering who the dancers were?

  4. Katie....x says:

    Omg never new you could dance like that!…Amazing:):):)
    Where did you learn it?
    Could you please please please teach it on youtube?>

  5. rosario says:

    I’m confused, is your birthday November 14 or did you just post the video? Isn’t Demi’s birthday August 20? Awesome dance!!! you should definitely post it on youtube!!

  6. rayya says:

    that dance is awesome!!
    and your awesome ;)
    xx your fan

  7. Ashley says:

    Demi’s birthday was indeed in August; but she continued to celebrate and decided to throw a party in Nov. The dance was incredible and I’m surprised at how well Demi can dance. It’d be great to put up a tutorial for all of her fans. I’d love to learn that dance!(:
    Keep rocking Demi. You never cease to amaze me!<3

  8. natalie says:

    Dang girl you are an awesome dancer I am your biggest fan and I love your dancing.

  9. sarah says:

    Check out the download to the mixed songs on the video!

  10. RebekahThomson says:

    You have inspired me to go back to dance classes again lol. I really want to do my hair like the red head, I love the doo!! <3

  11. Shayy! says:

    Demi Love!
    omg,, you should call me.. LOL
    Happy belated birthday! :D

    So yeah,
    I’m extremely bored.
    I’ll be waiting for that call missy ha ha :)
    or ya know.. there’s always myspace….
    hit me up, []

    love ya!

  12. SamHafer says:

    Hi Demi!
    I’m a big fan your, and I really want to ask two things:

    1-Are you having a case with Joe??
    2- Can you send some picture yours when you were twelve?

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!! I really love you

  13. bria says:

    happy birthday Demi you looked cute in that out fit that you were wearing and I like the songs you should have had Trey Songz come that would have have been cool ever since he got his hair cut but any ways Happy New Year and good luck to you on the upcoming season of Sonny with a Chance by the way I am in fifth grade cheerleader who can keep her grades up top score so all y’all haters out there need to step it up and stop hating on Demi because all she did was play in the movie with Joe Jonas an I think they had a moment some of you out there thinking that should have been me she stole my man so what she might not even liked him like that so stop hating because you’re just wasting your time not watching a good show . THAT OS FOR ALL Y’ALL HATTERS WHO HATING OR JEALOUS OF SOMEBODY JUST MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE

  14. Divina says:

    I love the dance please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put a tutorial on you tube by you dancing. love your dancing. your amazing

  15. Bekaaa says:

    does anybody know where I can learn a dance like this?

  16. angel says:

    happy birthday Demi love you and your dace moves I love the song

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