Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez No Longer Best Friends?

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

posed for pictures and signed autographs for fans outside the Soho Hotel in London, England over the weekend, where the ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star was asked how her longtime BFF Selena Gomez was doing. “Ask Taylor,” Demi responded, presumably referring to Taylor Swift.

When asked about issues in their friendship, Demi told J-14 magazine: “There are times when even if you’ve known someone for a long time, you change. Just because we were best friends doesn’t mean we’re always going to stay best friends.”

Demi’s ‘Princess Protection Program’ co-star added: “I think [ending friendships] is natural and people have to go through it. They may have hit a rough patch, but the girls know that regardless, they’ll always have each other’s backs.”

Watch the footage via YouTube below the cut.

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67 thoughts on “Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez No Longer Best Friends?

  1. PAULINA says:

    oh rough. I love love Demi!

  2. bubbly says:

    i didn’t hear Demi said ask Taylor. Demi and Selena are really good friend my cousin loves them being together and stuff. On twitter people want them back together again because there are cool people and some of them want Miley to leave Demi and Selena to be friends instead of taking Demi away from Selena.

  3. Kirsty says:

    This is really freaky ok, Me and my ex best friend always used to be like Selena and Demi, we used to be like aww yeah we’re like them Hannah, and we used to make videos of us to being like them two, and now we’re not as close now we don’t hardly speak that much and that’s the same for Demi and Selena.
    Miley leave Demi alone!

  4. Ashley says:

    Miley leave Demi and Selena alone!!
    Selena and Demi should be friends again!! they are so cool together!! Please become friends again!!
    Love you!!

  5. Aleshia says:

    Omg that was rough! The way she said “Ask Taylor” then smiled she seemed pretty mad in a weird way! God Miley and Taylor should leave them alone well me and my bestie were best friends since we were born and now we ain’t close cause we have other friends….I think Selena was a bit more mature about it whereas Demi was just “Ask Taylor*sarcastic smile*” Urgh they have to be friends again! xoxo

  6. Spuity says:

    Ok how about Miley and Taylor then Demi and Selena? But well people change.. who knows, they might have a big misunderstanding and during that time Miley and Taylor is their to comfort them.. so we doesn’t know what really happened but we should still support both of them and BTW don’t blame Miley for Demi and Selena ending their friendship.. oh God.. Who Knows the truth.. Nobody should be blamed.. Like they said.. people change.. so we should just leave their personal lives alone.. and just continue to support them..

  7. Rachel says:

    I know the feeling, when two best friends have to go there separate ways. It’s hard but that’s life and sometimes you just have to let it take it’s course even though it might not always be good sometimes by chance things turn out well again but in most cases you just have to let them go.

  8. Daisy says:

    That’s was really harsh I mean I don’t think Taylor is doing anything but demo was pretty harsh I think they should still be bffs her and Selena and Miley should leave her skanky ass out! Ugh

  9. lazerbeem says:

    why would they not be friends

  10. Kelsi says:

    OMG!! I’m not blaming anybody but Miley leave Demi and Selena alone!!! but really Demi heard that and she shot up and said “Ask Taylor”*fake smile* it was sad my best friend was over at my house when I watched this video about 2 weeks ago and we used to say we’re like them and all that and then she said I guess were not friends anymore and left!! omg I hate whoever made them stop being friends :(

  11. Sammy says:

    OMG! It’s so weird my friend has the initials of “D.L”
    like Demi Lovato.. and I have the same initials of Selena Gomez… and a few weeks before this happened, my friend and I had a huge fight and now everything is awkward between us! how strange! :-O

  12. Diana says:

    I’m actually kinda happy that they’re not friends, because I never saw Demi as Selena’s perfect friend.. I don’t know why.. I can’t even explain but if you were me you’d understand, *sigh* but I guess they’re “breakup” was supposed to happen…?

  13. GEORGE JETSON says:

    In the end who really cares who of these girls are friends or not. They have all made enough money to roll us up in for the rest of our lives put together and they are not even out of puberty yet.

  14. sajeel says:

    I think they should be bffs again they r a very nice couple

  15. gawjushprincess says:

    OMG that was mean….i mean really mean because Selena and Demi did everything together I think that Miley should leave everyone alone!!!

  16. Preciouss says:

    What ? they seemed like they were One & the same ! what happened omg I miss them together. they seemed like they were going to be best friends forever & that the fame wouldn’t pull each other apart, but omg this is sad ! I want them back together :'(

  17. Stfu says:

    You guys just nee to stfu. how the hell is it Miley’s fault huh??? Miley doesn’t even care bout Selena Gomez 1st. Selena is the 1 who keep changing her friends. have you seen 1 year she is best friend with Demi and suddenly she is now Bff with Taylor. No fence but Selena is just a fake ass. she try to be nice around people and in interview too but at least Miley is not fake like her. If Miley did destroyed Demi and Selena’s friendship, Selena deserve it because Selena broke Nick and Miley apart.

  18. shasha williams says:

    I love and I hate Demi that is why she and Joe broke up because she was just not good for him. Selena can sing better than her by far she does only bole

  19. alex says:

    why are Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato bf anymore and who

    broke them up and why did they do not to each other

  20. alex says:




  22. i heart demi lovato's songs says:

    egh. Demi is better off without Selena. Selena can’t sing OR act. sorry, but that’s just the truth. And for all you who say Selena’s a better singer-go get your ears checked. Seriously. Selena can go spend her life with Taylor on a desert island for all I care (she recently said if she could take one bf to a desert island it would be Taylor). And oh well, this kind of thing happens all the time with normal people – just because they are celebrities does not mean they are not people, they will have problems too. I am not a Miley fan, but at least she’s real right – and she can sing (better than Selena anyway), Miley isn’t the fault of all this, and as much as I hate to admit it, some of Miley’s songs are pretty deep. unlike Selena’s. I mean seriously – ‘naturally’ was a failure of a song. and the storylines of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ are getting lamer and lamer, as well as their jokes.

  23. Selena #1 fan says:

    I think Selena and Demi should be friends forever they are both awesome STUPID MILEY YOU MESSED THINGS UP!!! I think Miley is kinda mean for that but Taylor she okay but let Selena be friends with Demi please!

  24. Amanda says:

    I think ever since Demi got famous she left Selena and I personally don’t like Demi. I thinks she’s fake and uses people.

  25. Ashlee-Nayasha says:

    Demi, you and Selena have to be BFFs again. You look so cute together. You have been best friends forever.Please make up

  26. algerien says:

    Selena and Demi please stay a best friend in the word
    Selena and Demi a perfect time

  27. whitney says:

    ummm… Demi didn’t seem too happy about signing autographs and taking pictures. I know it gets old, but if she didn’t wanna have to do that then she shouldn’t have become “famous”… Just saying:) And she looked real pissed when she said “Ask Taylor”!! I do feel sorry for the girl and hopes for the best for their friendship!

  28. semi fan says:

    omg I’m crying…………….please make up Semi!!!!please?????? both of you are my idols I love you!! I mean Selena would of done anything to upset Demi,,and I don’t think that Demi sounded bitchy (like some people say) when she said”ask Taylor” anyways, just please be bffs again, love you Demi and Selena go girls, you rock!!!!!!

  29. carolina vasquez says:

    well ya should shut up because maybe it is not Miley’s or Taylor’s fault maybe Selena and Demi had issues way before Miley and Taylor were friends with them.

  30. Lasertag says:

    Oh I hated it when I heard you 2 broke up. both of your voices and acting is fantastic. It’s like with me and my BFF. Mia and I have been friends since we were 4. Then Ellie came between us. Please get back together. YOU 2 are my idols. I planned to follow in your footsteps. MILEY IS THE CAUSE OF ALL THIS!!!!!!!!

  31. Peace2u says:

    You should so get back together. even though Demi is a fake(seriously she is a total lip-syncher). Get a grip Selena is way better. Taylor was trying to help. Demi’s songs are Failures. Don’t forget lyrics don’t make sense. La La Land is so weird. I can’t relate to it. Selena’s songs make you want to dance and sing! I can totally relate to her songs. Seriously Selena was like my favorite popstar still. You would choose Selena over Demi any day. Selena you rock. Demi you should get a life and a grip. I actually think Selena is better off without Demi. Please Remember December total failure. So is La La Land, So Far So Great, and Don’t Forget. My opinion now is that they were a terrible couple. Once you lose a friend you can’t just forgive and forget you lose them forever. Selena, Miley, and Taylor would be better triplets as friends than Demi. It’s not Miley or Taylor’s fault, IT’S ALL DEMI’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Get a Life peoples. open your eyes to who really is the cause. Peace out suckers. P.S. Get a life don’t fall for Demi’s Magical charms, Selena is the one that is honest and mature. so peace!

  32. Forgeturimpossiible says:

    Uggggg Demi with Selena please. I have a dream. My dream is that Demi should get with Miley even though Demi used to drink drugs. my favorite song is “Remember December” Selena is such a faker. did you see her smile. Ii know a smile when I see it. Selena’s smile is fake. Why would someone do that? Oh I know to get attention. Separate Demi and Selena. Demi is better off without her. Peace!

  33. I love DELENA says:


  34. Starstruck101 says:

    Omg! Selena And Demi please. If you like Selena get a life. Seriously Demi is way better than Selena here. Why do I even bother talking about her. Demi and Miley would make a better couple than Selena and Taylor. Demi’s songs r energetic and make you want to dance. Selena’s songs are boring. Tell me something I don’t know doesn’t make sense. Her smile is fake too Selena, get a life. open your eyes to who really is the cause here now I’m just saying that Selena is spoiled, a brat, a jerk, and heart-breaker. I would cry to see Demi and Selena together again.Peace out suckers!

  35. MissSensitive says:

    Please get back together again I was bawling my eyes out when I heard. Get back together!

  36. tOdtoNg says:

    Hey! They should settle it up! Maybe there’s just misunderstanding between them. It is just part of friendship. Me and my best friend is sometimes like that. It feels awkward when we have had misunderstandings, but, at the end of the day or after, we’re back again together. Please, be best friends again!My best friend,especially, I, always says we’re like Demi and Selena. Please be back again.

  37. mikayla says:

    Literally reading this is laugh, y’all need to stay out of their business and its not Miley’s fault find someone else to blame. At least Miley was there for Demi when Selena knew she was struggle with certain issues! You guys everyone changes and if they don’t enjoy hanging out as much as they did before forget it! Just leave them alone! Jeez

  38. Lucy says:

    They had a friendship that was so strong and now it is over even though they are not BEST friends I’m sure they will stay friends As I have learned you can’t let go that fast. I think that Demi was hurt that Selena had moved on and trying not to show her anger she said “ask Taylor” and smiled because I just don’t think she can show her anger so she smiles but I hope that they still stay friends I <3 Demi and Selena so I don’t know who’s side to pick! :p

  39. *MELissa:)* says:

    well I don’t hate Demi as much as I hate Miley ! I really don’t like Miley but I don’t think it was her fault their not bff no more she is to busy getting high… and I think Selena just replace her with Taylor ! I don’t think it Taylor’s fault either Selena is the one that choose her over Demi :( I like Selena more but I think that was wrong of her … I really think they should talk to each other and become bff again I’m very sad when I found out

  40. jana says:

    oh please come back together Selena and Demi you guys are the best together! Miley leave them alone!

  41. Selena Gomez says:

    hey everyone I am Selena Gomez..
    Its NOT my Fault Sometimes People Just Change And Grow Apart Sure We Still Hang out And Have Fun But Just Not As Much As We Used To Please Do Not Be Mad At Me And Demi
    Even Id You Are Mad at US We’ve Made Up Our Minds And Nothing Can Stop Us

  42. Gemma D says:

    Taylor should stop spreading sh** and get it together! she’s just jealous because she wants to have a friendship like Demi and Selena’s. If the girls are going through a rough patch then fine. Leave them to sort it out.

  43. serena123 says:

    ok I know what they are going threw first of all Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato aren’t dating you guys saying get back together or you guys r cute couples that’s just bio. friends have rough times specially when they are famous they both are amazing NON lip syncers they both have amazing talent and they both WERE friends sometimes when they go through a rough time they need a break. I’m going through this TODAY with my friends a break is all they need and the last thing they need is fans jumping on there back saying get back together that’s even harder for them if you guys r really big fans and want them back together AS FRIENDS then just give them a break and let them sort this out themselves. I love BOTH of them and they BOTH have AMAZING talents!!!!!!!!!!! good luck you guys !!!!!!!!!!!

  44. serena123 says:

    oh and by the way this has nothing to do with Miley and Taylor they are a different story now that they need a break they both need a friend to be there for them for a couple of days. and Demi Lovato when she said go ask Taylor she probably didn’t want to talk about it ok you guys are over reacting friends get in fights and sometimes a little comfort helps!

  45. zeina jaber says:

    I hate you so much + you lose your fans

  46. hahahahahah says:

    Wow everyone who thinks this is Miley’s fault is STUPID ! It was Demi and Selena’s choice to end there friendship and they are ALOUD to get new friends so GET OVER IT ! I love Miley and Demi.. and plus they are more alike then Demi and Selena are ( just stating the truth )

  47. serena123 says:

    you like that Miley and Taylor are being blamed for everything when all they are trying to do is help them like seriously and who do you hate zeina jaber? me?

  48. mercy. says:

    Miley has NOTHING to do with this.
    Selena is little Miss Disney perfect.

  49. Jennifer says:

    they are not best friends but they are friends … they might need some time away from each other… they still care about each other me and my best friends fought year but we still are friends! And Miley just wants Selly for fame that’s it … I think its ok with Taylor but Miley sucks!

  50. serena123 says:

    Ok Miley is a really bad role model I agree with that but just get this guys she has nothing to do with it give them a break and stop being so nosy. let them deal with it themselves.

  51. Debbie says:

    I think Demi & Selena should be bff’s but sometimes you change your bff’s :)

  52. tara says:

    Well I know but that is how I hate Miley I like Selena Gomez then I like Demi. you sunk Miley. be best friends again Selena and Demi please I need you to friends. because both of you make funny stuff please.

  53. jessica parker says:

    oh my god I loved Selena and Demi but why are they not bet friends anymore?:)

  54. iqra says:

    Demi and Selena are cool and I think Selena is better than Demi Miley and Taylor. and I just love Selena and sometimes Miley and Taylor but I hate Demi she is not at all pretty.

  55. alyssa says:

    Selena and Demi broke there friendship when Demi started doing drugs. When Selena had that concert Demi was and Demi prayed for Selena

  56. alyssa says:

    When I went to Hollywood I saw her and ask her are you still Demi’s friend? because I don’t like Demi. She told me no baby.

  57. delena says:

    I want Selena and Demi back together:))

  58. selena and demi's fan "chezky" says:

    I really think that the way Demi and Selena acted before princess protection program aired was very nice and pretty awesome and I can’t believe that there friend Miley Cyrus is leaving Disney Channel plus Demi what his been going on with “Sonny with a Chance” Selena is the only 1 on Disney what did Taylor S. and Miley C. do.
    Disney Channel is going down in ratings and the 2 of you together can bring it back up we love you …

  59. HadizaCoolness says:

    That’s so sad! They were so happy together! Selly was happy with her BFF! Demi and Selly were both great singers!

  60. HadizaCoolness says:

    Sad! They were like sisters and this is just really sad! Selly and Demi BREAKUP!!! That is not right! they match! It’s like mother lioness living her son :'( I’m so unhappy right now!

  61. Angie says:

    First off, Miley is not the reason why Demi and Selena are not friends anymore. Even tho I don’t like THAT NASTY PIG FACE TRAMP MILEY. Demi is the reason why they are not friends anymore. Secondly Demi was the one who want on line and talked about her BEST FRIEND for hours with Miley Cyrus in a very nasty way. Why would you do that to your BEST FRIEND? Thirdly Selena is the one who brought Demi into the business cause she felt that THIS is my BEST FRIEND and we should share this thing together. But Demi allow the fame and “So call” friends to get to her head and forgot her who WAS really there for her. Trust me Selena could careless about Nick Jonas LOL For Demi to get pissed off and say “Go Ask Taylor” that’s her fault. Don’t get mad because she find someone. Bad move on Demi’s part. I hope she don’t think just because her and Selena are friends again that Selena is going to fully trust her again cause I wouldn’t.

  62. demi is a whore says:

    that’s why she dumped Selena for Miley

  63. Marcela says:

    Well yes, Friends will have there ups and downs but it’s life. we all must live through this. And yea Miley may be doing that, but then again it’s there business not mine.
    -just my opinion…..!!(:?

  64. Spade says:

    well Fu** you
    Miley is Good actress no like the other
    2nd go to your mirror take a look to your self BullShi*z

  65. Spade says:

    all blaming miley Fu** you all xD
    Bow Idiots,all of you don’t know whats happening so don’t talk.
    That’s a personal Life, If you are in that situation like Miley’s don’t know whats happening??? Miley not speak coz she know what she do. Like an love life the love life you want is nobody speak or to broke your relationship right so shat up~!

  66. nour says:

    I thing demi and selena should be bff??<3 (y)

  67. perola says:

    yes,may love selena gomez and she and very beautiful and is always cheerful and demi lovato selena kiss also adore

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