Demi Lovato And Timbaland Teaming Up In The Studio

Demi Lovato wearing a headband

and Timbaland exchanged messages on Twitter after the pair were connected for a collaboration Tim’s younger brother Sebastian. The pair write:

Timbaland: yo @ddlovato I’ll let my brother @darealsebastian tell you when on Monday

Timbaland: @ddlovato I’m going to holla at John to figure it out

Demi: @Timbaland007 cannot wait!!!

Demi: @Timbaland007 for real though… Are you ready?! I don’t know about you but I believe magic is gonna come out of this collaboration..

Timbaland: Girl you know I’m born ready

Demi: @Timbaland007 I was ready before I was born!!

Timbaland: @ddlovato I ain’t Timbo the king for nothin’ ha

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