Demi Lovato Backstage In Las Vegas

Demi Lovato sits down for an interview with Katie and Karleigh in Las VegasYouTube reporters Katie and Karleigh Santry caught up with in Las Vegas while she was on tour with the Jonas Brothers, playing word association with the singer and talking about her desire to skydive one day, how she mixes up her words, why she hadn’t been doing videos with lately, how her sister wasn’t able to make it, and her National Anthem performance at Texas Stadium on Thanksgiving, where Demi admitted she was nervous.

“As I walked out the platform on the stairs, first of all the mic wasn’t there, so I was like ‘All right… what am I gonna do now?’,” Demi explained. “Then, second of all as I was walking out the jumbo screens on the side said, ‘Texas Stadium… the entire world is watching you live!’ I was like don’t look… It was bad. But I knew that like Texas is my hometown, there’s people that love me, people that hate me, you wanna do your best.”

Watch the interview below.

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