Demi Lovato Catches Flack For Moonwalk Observation

is a bit on the defensive after commenting on Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk dance on her Twitter (@ddlovato) earlier today, which some observed was trivial on the day of the pop star’s memorial. The 16-year-old writes:

Why do they call it moon walking… If you don’t walk backwards on the moon?

@dqueen88 Um.. How was that cold? It was an honest question. Had nothing to do with MJ. I’ve obviously expressed how much we’ll all miss him

Hahaha god. I swear I’m gonna stop twittering. Apparently there’s something wrong with everything I post.

@delaisland BUT people will find something wrong with each thing I say which results in me getting in trouble! Hahaha

But am I at a position in my life where I can say what I want and not apologize for anything?

Does anyone ever have that liberty to speak what’s on their mind and not have to apologize if anyone takes offense?

Or is there truly such a thing as “freedom of speech”?

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