Demi Lovato Cold Filming ‘Camp Rock 2’ In Canada

Demi Lovato cold filming 'Camp Rock 2' in Canada

checked in with her Twitter followers (@ddlovato) on Thursday (September 17) while filming ‘Camp Rock 2’ in Canada with the Jonas Brothers. The 17-year-old writes:

A very cold, long day on set…. kidding! (I wasn’t reeeally asleep) :P but it sure is cold up here.. What the heck Canada?!

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6 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Cold Filming ‘Camp Rock 2’ In Canada

  1. Cdn Girl says:

    Are you kidding??? Trying being here in the winter. Our kids went to school in capris and t-shirts and you’re wearing a winter coat in September.

  2. simplygurl. says:

    i love her! I’m her number 1 fan and also Jonas Brothers..hope that they will follow me on my twitter.@simplygurl:(

  3. JONASBROFAN says:

    That sucks . I love Demi and the Jonas bros . hope they make a new album!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cheyenne says:

    Hi Camp Rock is so cool and I can’t wait to see camp rock final jam 3 it’s going to be amazing

  5. Eryn says:

    hi I’m Eryn I love sunny with a change it is the best show ever……biggest fan Eryn :o)

  6. Jennifer says:


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