Demi Lovato Confirms Trace Cyrus Romance?

Demi Lovato wearing hot pink lipstick

has been linked to Trace Cyrus of Metro Station, and the ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star’s Twitter updates (@ddlovato) posted moments ago could lend fuel to the speculation. The 16-year-old writes:

@TraceCyrus Umm…. absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I miss you to death.

If you’re with somebody you’re really proud of, why hide it?

but then again who says I’m taken anyway? :) Hm?

I could be talking about other people……. duh.

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8 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Confirms Trace Cyrus Romance?

  1. katie says:

    oh yeah. they’re dating.
    i think they would make a cute couple.
    even though people may disagree, because of the age difference. but still, age is just a number. and who cares if they are about 5 years apart? they still love each other, and its pretty obvious.

  2. Emma says:

    From Demi’s MySpace “I’m in love with a boy who goes by the name Trace Cyrus he has stole my heart… I will tell you when to call the police ;) ily tace<3” I’m guessing this means they’re together

  3. antidemiXTrace says:

    hey. Demi and trace are NOT going out. they might have been, but have you noticed all this b.s is coming from Demi?
    look on twitter, she said something and trace said “how can you break up with someone when they weren’t going out…?” and hes no longer following her. think that may solve that situation eh

  4. sarah says:

    hey Demi what’s up?

    hey Demi you and Trace it does not fit together at all nicht.d. You are much too pretty for her.

  5. sarah says:

    hey Demi, I hope you do soon in concert in Germany. I love you believe me about everything I would do anything for you

  6. nayefa says:

    did some say adultifile? or pedophile. I thought it was a law

  7. Jamie says:

    She is SO pretty, and she’s the only person on Disney who can actually sing… you’re awesome, Demi! :)

  8. sujood says:

    wow you are so beautiful love ya

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