Demi Lovato Defends Cody Linley After “Wild Partying”

Demi Lovato in red

is jumping to the defense of fellow Disney Channel actor Cody Linley after the ‘Hannah Montana’ star was featured in Star magazine’s new issue partying and letting girls write on his chest.

Demi told her Twitter followers (@ddlovato):

Leave Cody alone. Big deal.. He partied too hard. Get over it. Sometimes people DO make mistakes.. But this guy doesn’t deserve all that tabloid crap

@ailabobila hm.. Pretty sure that’s NOT what I said. I’m saying leave it alone. He’s a good guy who barely gets in trouble. So find something else to talk about

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5 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Defends Cody Linley After “Wild Partying”

  1. Lynea says:

    I think what Demi said was good, it wasn’t rude or anything, I’m sure any of us would defend our friends. I do when ever people start talkin’ about my friends mistakes…you know it’s not right for the tabloids to go around saying this stuff, but they do, and no offense to Demi or any other Celeb, but they chose to do this, and they knew when they started; they’d be like this. But Demi’s right..people do make mistakes, and the tabloids need to lay off. Give people there space and let them live their lives without being pressured so much.

  2. Abigail says:

    Demi was just defending her friend and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Everyone makes mistakes and the tabloids do go to far with some issues sometimes. They need to just lay off the guy. Demi was in no way disrespectful.

  3. penaaz says:

    I think Demi is pretty correct in what she is saying. Everyone in life makes mistake but we should also forget them easily

  4. Hailey says:

    Demi was totally right!
    Because if you think of it there was the Chris Brown sh** and all other stuff and people go crazy!!
    I think celebs are people to and they deserve to have privacy, not thousands of people saying sh** about them behind there back and then going oh we love you. Seriously they should do whatever and it shouldn’t affect us in the least because if you do a story on "normal" people they do the same thing so I don’t get the big idea!
    Way To Go DEMI!!
    I <3 you!!
    (f.y.i I’m a girl and I never meant it in the lesbian way. I mean she’s awesome :P )

  5. Yosilia Nursakina says:

    Wow, way to go Demi! Agreed with you all, guys.
    They deserve to have privacy. All. Celebrities.
    Anyway, Demi’s tweets are good. :)

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